Satipatthana Meditation - 1

Satipatthana Meditation - 1
Satipatthana mediation method is the only one method which continues unto the enlightenment. The direct way to nibbana.

Depend on the understanding and other reasons someone can come to the nibbana or non-returner from a week, someone can come from two weeks, someone from three months, someone from four months, five months, six months, seven months or someone from one year, two, three, four, five or six years as mentioned in the Maha Satipatthana Sutta.

Some people say that no one can come to a non-returner or arhant state at this time. But in the Satipatthana Sutta there is not such a thing mentioned. If any result generates from any reason it is not depend on the time. Time is not an absolute and realy exsisting thing. It is only a reference or name. Therefore it is empty. It has no any power to make any objection or restriction to anything. Therefore if you practice meditation on correct way it will direct you to the path and fruitition. If you cannot come to nibbana in this life it can be continued in your next life. 

Even how much tried a person could not get a good result with wrong practice. There are lots of method to do meditation. The meditator should select the best and fastest method to achieve the result. 

The meditator who use this meditation must have a good understanding about the both of absolute means and reference/names. And must have even a fair knowledge about the 91 types of minds, 52 types of mental factors and 28 types of figures. Also must have a knowledge about the 7 purities. You should have even a little bit of knowledge about the insight intelligence (vidarsananana) and the seven anupassana. Knowing about explanations of phenomena such as mass (skanda) is a much. It is good of knowing the facts comes in the satipattana sutta.

This is a method of using entire four satipattana at once. But this is not a samata meditation. This is a type of Vidarsana meditation. Satipattana means the consciousness, which not letting the mind to fly away and concentrate it on body, mind, feeling and dhamma. Satipattana meditation means that consciousness and developing both concentration and wisdom according to that consciousness.

In other words that consciousness can be identified as the assiduousness. Lord Buddha discourced that the assiduousness is a reason for nibbana and the erring is a reason for the death.

Translated from the book of Satipattana Meditation Method which practicing in Burma written by Prof. Ven. Rerukane Chandawimala Thero
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