Do not sacrified the things received for the sake of merits to sins

Do not sacrified the things received for the sake of merits to sins
Comfortable things such as beauty, delicious, properties, vehicles, cloths, etc received in this life is because of the results of past alms. In the past market, things to buy were limited. But in present market variation is very high. It means the in the present society is powerful with receiving more comfort than the past. It is because people in the past lives have done lots of meritable practices such as alms. 

But these comfort comes combines with the lack of past virtue. That's why we have received a short peroid of lifetime to feel those comforts. You gave alms in the past lives but with doing sinful activities such as killing animals, hurting animals, fictitious life, fictitious vision.

Therefore if you can change your life according to the above example with understanding very much you are able to increase lifetime in next lives. People who poor to understand this danger of shortening lifetime, feel the received comforts and doing sinful behaviors causing to reduce the lifetime such as greed, malice and delusion. When receiving comfort for the sake of alms, the received comfort will throw you with the sins collected to a short life time. This is the reason to reduce the extreme lifetime of human to 10 years. 

One gentleman asked from the Bhikkhu "how to say the improvement of technology is a result of past merits". Improvement of the technology means the result of the knowledge of human. Every new things find from this knowledge. The knowledge is a result of past meritable practices. We use this knowledge to improve not merits but sins. It says we are converting our merits to sins. Therefore throw your life to meritable practices every time. You can save your time for the sake of the improvement of new technology. Use this saved time to improve merits and practice more meritable deeds. 

In the present we receive lots of beautiful fashionable cloths to wear. It is because of you alms beautiful things at the past lives. But in the present society use these beautiful cloths and cosmetics for improving sins. Present society is full of low brow dressing. Lord Buddha has discoursed suitable dressing for human. Wear cloths not to show the beauty, shape and color of the body. Not to make passion in the minds of you and other people. You have to dress to cover the body from natural harms and covering the places which should not show to world. But in the present society has forgot that meaning of dressing according to Dharma. But people in the present, dress to show the shape and color of the body to outside. We can name them as 'walking sin shops'. They sell the sins to the society free. If you do not cover the things you have to cover, it will cover the things which have to uncover. 

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