Another year spent from your lifetime

Another year spent from your lifetime
There are very few days to say good bye to 2015 and welcome 2016. The main challenge in front of human society at the new year is rapidly subjecting to diseases and rapidly shortening the extreme life of human being. At the new year, attending to the path of Dhamma will help even a little amount to win both of those challenges.

At this moment the extreme lifetime of human is around seventy. Existing such a little extreme lifetime after a very long time is because of the results of past sins. Lord Buddha passed away in age of 80. Maha Kassapa Thero passed away in 120. Every one of us comes with extreme life time of below 120 years because of the lack of meritable deeds done in past lives. Extreme lifetime in the past at the religious order of The Kassapa Buddha was twenty thousand years. In the religious orders of Kakusada and Konagama Buddhas it was thirty thousand years. You and I both had experience of such a long life at that time. It is because of avoiding of hurting animals, killing animals, avoid from a fabulous life and practice of avoiding greed, delusion and malice. That meritable power brought us a long life.

Then now you may ask, is there any lack of meritable practices caused to Lord Buddha to passed away at 80. Truth is there were more sinful deeds than meritable done in the stage of Bodhisattva. The volition decides the death and birth. 

Before give up the "sanskara of life" the Lord Buddha ask from Ananda Thero to live
extreme life time and said a Buddha can do that. At that time the extreme life time of human was 120 years. But the Ananda Thero who grabbed by the tempter, did not understand that. Therefore Lord Buddha think to give up the life at 80. In the birth prince Siduhat had extreme life of 120 years. But in this time Lord Buddha negate this and decided to abandon the 'life sanskara'.

In this world Buddhas and Arhant has the ability of passing away before the end of regular life time. The basic reason to take this kind of decision by Lord Buddha is reducing of the Dhamma and discipline of the four types of people.

If a Buddha or Arhant decided to give up the life they normally get a sinful activity done in a past life and which is not return results, and let that to return results. They get that as a reason to pass away. They do not try to stop that.

There is a big relationship between the life and sins. While we are passing eons of years and remain extreme life of 70 years. This is very little amount of life compare with the past. The danger will not stop here. Lord Buddha discoursed that the extreme life time of human will reduced unto 10 years.

The biggest problem human faces on future is reducing meritable deeds. Entire society is chasing for assets, power and money which are impermanent with breaking their virtue. Therefore in the coming year you have to concern mostly about how to do more meritable practices during the existing short period of life.
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