The Vegetarian Problem

The Vegetarian Problem
In the present society there is a problem. That is the vegetarian problem. Some people act against other non-vegetarian with taking that as a hard vision. Any way, it is good to see a society without eating meat, animal killing completely stopped, free of some diseases come from meat eating. In such an environment you can eat piece of cake, cutlet or some other snack without any fear. There will be increasing cattle, pigs like animals in the world and humans can affect with the diseases come from those animals. But it is only a dream. It would not be a reality.

World has built up under the doctrine of cause and effect. Therefore persistence will be arranged towards the expansion of delusion-full world. New born under the supervision of ignorance will also direct to continue the ignorance. There, the human and animal is not an issue. Importance is to continue and developing the ignorance. Ignorance plans to reduce the difference between human an animal, in the future world. Therefore in the future world, as animals, humans will also act without sense of mother, father, son, daughter, sister relationships. They will believe the sex, food and safety only. That is the world of ignorance. They will give that world a name, "Free World" or "World of Freedom". They the human who living in that World of Freedom are free. They no need customs or mores. They free from those. This so called freedom directs you freely to the hell. At the ending of this aeon human will have no qualities and will quarrelled, killed each other. Therefore at the present time with visibility of Dhamma, you have to try to free from the future world as soon as possible. The path of extinguishment is open now. This vegetarian problems is one road block. 

Actually this problems is more beautiful. High, on the side of virtue and conspicuous. The attractiveness of the directed audience is high. But sorry to say that you are touching the against side of the Lord Buddha's doctrine. Frequently saying of "I am virtuous", "I am a vegetarian", "Other's are not virtuous", "My stomach is not a cemetery" like that, you are growing the arrogance and covetousness. You are taking the opposite path of Dhamma as yours. The hardness of egoism is growing from those. Think carefully. 

One lay person asks from this Bhikkhu "Reverence sir, what do you think about eating fish and meat by Buddhist monks?" Bhikkhu will mention the given answer, here. Bhikkhu give the following answer, because of the person who ask that questions is lay. But this answer is not compatible with all the people in the society. The type of answer will change according to the understanding of Dhamma the person had with. This Bhikkhu at lay time before comes to priesthood, avoid from eating fish and meat for about five years. At that time when eating meat, an illusion of that animal appears in the mind. As an example when eating chicken, Bhikkhu remembered a hen in live. Therefore Bhikkhu avoided from flesh with very good pleasure. But Bhikkhu did not try to display the vegetarianism to the world. If there is any flesh in the plate, Bhikkhu keep it there and not used. In the lay time, Bhikkhu alms flesh for alms giving for the monks. That is because of unliking to deplore other's desire.

But after came to priesthood this situation changed. When comes to the path of Dhamma, he/she is in the state of lay human. Second step is the stream enterer. The person who asked that question is in the first stage. If we advice such a person to eat flesh, we are doing a wrong. Avoiding of eating flesh and ask them to do so is good. Because they still not enter to the stream. If someone think avoiding flesh, results to growing the loving-kindness and kindness it is good to be a vegetarian. It would help to make an unchangeable devotion at the triple gem and to make the virtue more stable. Aim of avoiding eating flesh must be the same. If it used to self extol or deplore others that is not the kindness. It will grows the arrogance, covetousness. There you collide with opposite ideas. Then what will happen to your loving-kindness. You are appearing for animal but against human. In such a situation, how you go along the way of Dhamma?

You cannot correct the world. And you cannot release others from suffer. We cannot stop suffering as an animal birth. Do not let the arrogance, covetousness to harm the power you get from living as vegetarian. Keep going through the way of Dhamma. A person who not consuming flesh can go through the path of Dhamma more rapidly than a flesh eater. But if he act with arrogance, covetousness and fabulous visionary it would not rapid. Sometimes a vegetarian person who is with fabulous visionary is more failure than a flesh eater without fabulous visionary in the way of Dhamma. This depends on the status of attaching and collision with the objects.

Do not take wrong ideas, there is no connection between eating flesh and understanding Dhamma. Distribute your loving-kindness for innocent animals and also the flesh eaters to quicken the journey on the way of Dhamma. When someone alms to the Bhikkhu, there the Bhikkhu does not categorize the food as meat, fish, vegetables or some other thing. Bhikkhus sees it is only for continuing the life of the body. Any kind of food is belonging to the vomit and blood. The food, vomit and blood is belonging to the four physical factors. Any one who is going through the way of Dhamma, he will understand this phenomena.

When you going through the way of Dhamma you will face problems like the above vegetarian problem. Those problems are coming with the faces of loving-kindness, kindness and virtue but all those are belonging to the tempter. But you are actually virtuous, you will not face such problems, because you are safe with your own virtue. If your life is strong with loving-kindness, kindness and virtue you will not go to collide with the people who are against the vegetarianship. If you collide with them there is not loving-kindness. Whether you spread mercy and save an animal from death, it would not help to quit that animal from the animal life with paying off the sins.

If you like to eat flesh or do not like to eat flesh, never mind, you keep your status and satisfy what you have received. Do not try to make a vision as a vegetarian or flesh eater.
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