Do you eat flesh?

Do you eat flesh?
Think like this. The Bhikkhu who write this consumes the alms meal. There in the plate it is a piece of cooked fish. A person sees this and ask "Is it not a sin eating flesh?". Answer is mentioning here according to Dhamma.

Cooked fish in the plate may have reborn some where now. Sometimes a human, a divine life or as a fish. It is a phenomena. As the Bhikkhu sees, it is only a figure named 'fish' which contains four main physical factors. Bhikkhu sees other curry as the same which contains only four main physical factors. If you are seeing a fish inside the cooked piece of fish, or seeing a hen inside the cooked piece chicken it is over-thinking subjective vision. 

According to the theory of cause and effect, Dhamma teaches us to think there is no creature even inside of you. Therefore do not be destitute in over-vision with taking a previous figure of re-born creature as yours. The fish inside the plate is killed by a fisherman. The person who killed that fish will return the sin. People who kill fish, will return with rebirth as a fish. Therefore you may hold the brief for such a creature. It comes as a fish to die like that. If it did not catch to a net it may caught by a big fish. You cannot control the merits of the animal. Those are phenomenas. If the government prohibit to catch fish around, the population of fish will increase rapidly. Big fish will catch them more easily. Then in the next step you have to press the big fish to stop catching fish. Can we do that? Doesn't. Do not angry with this Bhikkhu. According to the past merits and sins the Bhikkhu may killed by some other in this moment also. Therefore if you do not agree with the above concept, please omit that. 

If you like to live as a vegetarian keep it, or if you like to eat flesh it will not a matter. But do not criticize the people who against of your concept. Do not collect sins doing such. Characteristics of growing organs of your's is different. Therefore the visions and ideologies are different. Therefore it is common to form different ideas among different people. The wonder is if there is no such a difference. You come to the open character of the Dhamma. See the world through the "paticcha samuppada". The killed fish will return with a rebirth as a fish, human, etc. But what we doing is, quarrel with stop killing fish. 

Do not go over the Dhamma of Lord Buddha. If so, whether it is vegetarian or flesh eater you are an errant. Do not make a vision of flesh eating or non-flesh eating. Someone eat flesh to make the body strong and healthy. Someone avoid eating flesh to make the body strong and healthy. Both of these direct to build a subjective vision. Do not lose in front of such a rich Dhamma, the Buddhism. Think, we have eaten lots of meat in our past lives. We have eaten flesh as carnivores such as tigers, crocodiles, lions, fish like that. Lots of animals have eaten your flesh also. Think how many times we may fall into hells with making visions of flesh eating. As a non-flesh eater we may have eaten large amount of rice, roots, leaves or grass in the past lives. But both of us have never face a good. We are still ageing, ailing and die. Someone likes flesh and someone dis-like. It is like the two sides of the same coin. From both sides you catch the sanskara (volition). Volition directs you to the cycle of re-birth. See, how dangerous a vision about a flesh or vegetarian. Therefore here upon see not the dish but understand the covetousness generated. Covetousness generates only the suffer. Eat only for get the ability and life to understand the truth of Dhamma in this life. Take foods with seeing and thinking the impermanance. Foods are difilements.
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