Before start meditation - 01

Before start meditation - 01
Meditation is a popular topic in present society. Without depending on age large number of people around the world are searching console from mediation. Lord Buddha has discoursed that there were 62 fabulous vision around India in Buddha era. Every one of those have formed because of increasing the complexity of life. Complexity means high suffering. In the present society we can see the stress because of this complexity.

To quit from this stress most of the people attend to meditation. If you enter to meditation because of the above reason, first of all you have to understand that situation. If you understand that and take the reason for stress as a cause of meditation you are able to get some result of it. The society we living is not automatically become complex. The complexity is a result of high speed thoughts of human.

When quitting from the five hindrances life become simple. All those are cause and effect phenomena. We have to attend to meditation with understanding those cacuse and effect phenomena. When the covetiousness about a figure is increase, human try to make those figures their own. This cause for crisis, problems, contest, ... etc and results complexity, then stress. When chasing the covetiousness it raises the suffer. Chasing for comfort but it results suffer. If we received a comfort with many sacrifices, it is very short. The diseases, aging, death, rebirth, suffer are arising against those comforts. So, see it with concentrated mind. How unfair the world? The questions is why you love so much for this kind of unfair world. If some one do unfair for you, you will try to quit from him. But here you are not try to quit and you are trying to search answers with being a partner of this world. This is like searching for other's faults, but the fault is inside of you. This stress and unfair generated from the covetiousness inside of you.

If you are attend to any kind of meditation methodology, you have to awake on the covetiousness inside of you.
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