Patience gives consolation

When seeing the society on the surface it seems placid but no one can ever say when it goes wild. The reason for those quarrels is anger. We can see a different amount of anger in different people.

Anger is like a snake who sleeps inside the human mind. Snake do not ever chase some one and bite. He bites when he suffer from other person. Lord Buddha has discourse that there are four types of snakes available and it has compared to the anger of human mind.

1. No venomous if bites
2. Venomous at the moment of bite.
3. Non-venomous at the moment of bite but later deadly venomous
4. Venomous at the moment of bite and later

As the first snake, some people in the society anger suddenly but cool at the same moment. Therefore no one will get hurt from such a person. As the second type some people anger and act in anger for a moment and cool after short time. Therefore he does not revenge. Third type is more dangerous. This type of people are hard to be recognize. The anger of them is not suddenly appear. They stay calm at that moment and attack deadly after long time. Forth type is the most dangerous. They revenge again and again. Their anger will not over.

You have to understand that the anger is not good at any way. Buddhism shows the way to stop arising the anger forever. The treatment is spreading the loving-kindness to the entire universe. To improve the ability of patience you have to memorize the reality of the world. The anger generates not only for the sake of hurting from other people in the society but also due to wind, rain, diseases, animals like facts. They act unpredictably. They may break furniture, hit others, even kill others. This kind of dangerous anger can be stay long time in the mind. This is called hatered. This will stay in the mind for long time even several rebirths.

Hate is called the tit for tat doing for some one's false. If some one believes to make a solution in hate it is not. If there is a hate in your mind, take it away at this moment. It will result the ease for you in this moment. Take this as an example. Think there is a spike in your foot. It will hurt till it is there. But when remove it from the foot you will be at ease. Hate is like the spike in your foot. It can be removed only distributing the loving-kindness to the person who make the hate in your mind.

If you make an angry with some one who accuse for your fault, it is your foible. If you make angry of other's accuse you will never righten your fault. Therefore make it an opportunity to get righten from your fault. If some person do something wrong, do not be angry. Your anger could not righten his fault. If some one do something wrong, you have to show him the right at the right time, with loving-kindness mind. If so, you are a good friend. Sudden anger is very dangerous for you. Do not take sudden action for your child's wrong. If will miss the rightening.

When you seeing injustice in the society, you may feel unease. You may also get inquietude. Anger may occur. If you are more sensitive you may get anger on seeing injustice to some other person in the society. Think once. Can you make justice with the anger? Keep in mind to be patient in such a situation. It is not a lowliness or weakness. The weakness is getting anger in such case. Avoid getting anger in such a case you may able to issue a good solution for that. Given solution with anger may not be a real one.

If you are unable to righten some one's false, make it a chance to practice the patience. You cannot make every person in the society, as good. Therefore think that faults of other's are hidden blessings to practice patience.

Translate from writings of Prof. Ven. Wilegoda Ariyadewa Thero
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