Let's uncover the Dhamma hidden in the past

Let's uncover the Dhamma hidden in the past
No one like to entrap. But is our life lined with the truth? If we do not concern about, the truth may be hide. If you going to describe something with researching using eye, ear, nose, tongue and body it is like describing the deep see floor without diving and only seeing the surface of the water. A mind limited to those five organs never be able to see subtle things, a mind with non-moving, subtle, concentrated mind can. If you fill your mind with extra learning, arguments and try to find the truth it will not help to understand the truth of undoubted. Lord Buddha has born in a world with full of doubts and ideologies.

Lord Buddha discoursed to believe with intelligent investigation, understanding according in-order to perception, understanding and axiom, understanding according to the doctrine of cause and effect then finally subject to the true conclusion, not believing something mentioned somewhere, hearing from someone, seeing to your eye or feel. It is like a scientist says about micro organisms by seeing through a microscope. We could not understand those by seeing naked eye. If we only see through a microscope we also able to understand.

Lord Buddha has discovered lots of subtle phenomena and open those to the world to discover with subtle mind. To experience the subtle truth we also have to grow up that kind of mind.  To grow our mind to this subtle status Lord Buddha discoursed a path-way. Other prophets of the world gave the world which they have understand. But their doctrines do not flow to the future without change. Therefore the results which achieved in the introducing time will not be able to get in the future. Buddhism also subjected to this phenomena. But fortunately it still in active with the ability of getting results. Today also we can find people who got the path and fruition. But to achieve these we have to line up in the correct path correctly. When someone, without concerning the race, religion, cast, following the correct path with clear understanding, is an intellectual which means Buddhist. Who bears the intelligence to stop the cycle of rebirth. These intellectual must have a good knowledge and understanding what they do. To achieve the fruitition, we have to work intellectually from the beginning. Sometimes in the society Buddhists subject to insulting because of their traditional worshipping methods. That is because no one knows the reasons and fruitition of those.

First of all lets understand the "Namaskara" (adoration) and "Sadukara" (applause). As Buddhists, we start every religious sermon and action with "Sadukara" and "Namaskara". If someone ask from us why you applause, why you get your hands together and put it to chest, forehead and top of the head, why you applause more than once, what will our answer? If our sermons and actions are intelligent, we must have an answer. We must think about when we applause and adorate. We are doing this with memorizing Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha. When generate a devotion in our mind we do same. This seems in some greetings among Buddhists. From such an occasion a Buddhist believe an idea of restraint. A Buddhist who being away from ten sins always believes this type of qualities.

Our traditional Buddhist practice four applauses. Fourth one is little longer than previous three. In the first one the memorize the restraint of the body. Those are the first three of five precepts. (Avoiding killing or hurting living being, avoiding of taking something owned to another one, avoiding sexually connect with women except wife or keep away from hardly go to search for the comfort). The second applause is for the restraint on word. This is avoiding from telling lies, calumny and talking nonsense words. Third applause memorize the restraint on mind. Those are avoiding greed, malice and delusion.

What is the meaning of straightening fingers and close the two hands together? When we fighting against someone we bend our fingers. This means we bend our fingers in malice, hate like ten sins. Straightening ten fingers means, not bond to ten sins. Close the two hands to the chest symbolize that we keep those qualities near to our heart every time. Close to the hands to forehead symbolize that keep those qualities in our mind. This is more better than previous one. If it on the top of the head it means preserving it even more than life. Fourth applause re-memorize all the three body, word and mind restraints.

Next step is the "Namaskara" (adoration). In pali, we say it like follows.
"Namo tassa bagawato arahato samma sambuddassa"
The meaning use for now is "spending adoration for the Lord Buddha". But there is a more meaningful description hidden in this. This meaning is hidden in the present because everyone use the above meaning for take this easy. There are three meanings of "Namaskara". "Namaskara" is accepting with head bowing. "Namo" is flexibility. "tassa" means the religious order. "bagawato" means looking with dividing. "arahato" means the enlightenment. "samma" means quitting from the darkness of ignorance and covetousness. "sambudda" means quitting from the cycle of rebirth. The complete meaning is as follows.
"I bow my head to the religious order, dividing and abandon the creature/person signal, quitting from ignorance, quitting from egoism, escaping from the combination of ignorance and covetousness, and escape from the cycle of rebirth."

Translation from the writings of Ven. Waharaka Abayaratanalankara Thero
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