Abhidhamma - The Fourteen Sinful Mental Factors (Part VI) - Lesson 30

Abhidhamma - The Fourteen Sinful Mental Factors (Part VI) - Lesson 30
The disappointment and the incendiary status which generates later in mind about the sins done and merits not done is called Kukkuccha. A person associated with band friends in the young age, did lot of sinful things, who came to old age, remembering those and disappointed. A person in his young age did lots of sinful things without believing death, later came to old age, seeing the death and disappointed on the sinful things done.

They think they've done a big mistake and thinking that they may go to hells. With such minds generated of the disappointing about the sins done kukkuccha forms. That is an opposite sense of pleasure. If the pleasure derives from the advantage received or to receive, the incendiary character of the mind derives from the disappoint of the sins done is called the kukkuccha. Just thinking of 'I have done sins' is not kukkuccha.

To the people who not done merits at the time of they are able to do, when the time passes or near to death they suffer about the merits not done. That is also the kukkuccha. Someone thinks that regret of the wrong thing done is good quality. They also think that the sin is reduced from this. But it is not. It sometimes help to increase the hardness of the sin. Error is not disappearing with regret. Merit is not appearing when suffer about the merits not done. Therefore suffer or regret is not a merit and it is a sin. Because of the kukkuccha sin becomes more powerful.

Kukkuccha is in two types. Those are yatawakukkuccha and ayatawakukkuccha. Yatawakukkuccha is regretting of the sins done and merits not done. Some people sometimes regret about the sins not done and the merits done. That is ayatawakukkuccha. Some people done merits earlier and because of the wrong vision later think those are sins and regrets. Those also are ayatawakukkuccha. After something is given for merit, later he require that thing again and think if he not given that thing and regret is ayatawakukkuccha.

Translated from the writings of Ven. Rerukane Chandawimala Thero
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