Abhidhamma - 21 Fair Mental Factors (Part I) - Lesson 32

Abhidhamma - 21 Fair Mental Factors (Part I) - Lesson 32
There are 21 fair mental factors. Those are Saddha, Sati, Hiri, Otappa, Aloba, Adosa, Tatramajjattata, Kayapassaddi, Cittapassaddi, Kayalahuta, Cittalahuta, Kayamuduta, Cittamuduta, Kayakammannata, Cittakammannata, Kayapagunnata, Cittapagunnata, Kayujjukata and Cittujjukata.

Saddha (Devotion)
Confidence about Buddha and related is called
Saddha (devotion). It is an acceptance of Noble characteristics. When devotion arise in mind, it clears the sins generating factors called Neewarana. That is the clearance of mind. Therefore people with devotion in mind can give alms without any hesitation. Not only alms they can do meditation, preserve sil and ability of doing more meritable things. Interest about merit is one of the characteristics of devotion. When devotion leads in a meritable practice, other connected phenomena will do their actions properly.

Sati (Consciousness)
Sati is the consciousness and remembering of the meritable actioning. The mind of a creature with defilements, is commonly turned to sinful actioning. And always distributing among the sinful actioning. Mind typically floating along the sinful factors. Consciousness stops such minds on meritable deeds. Merit minds generate because of consciousness. When a lay person receives some object he ordinary think of consuming or protecting for future. Alms it or giving it to someone needed is a different action from the ordinary. If such a mind to form in that person his mind must contains a status of stopping the ordinary thinking. Sensual pleasure is the ordinary sense of human. Entering to the path of Nibbana is completely differ from this. Minds going along the path of Nibbana through meditation have to stop the floating of sensual pleasure. Such status appearing in the minds of meditation is Sati (consciousness).

Characteristic of the Sati is like a rubber ball in a water stream, not letting to sink in the sinful factors. Refusing band minds and close to good minds is another characteristic of Sati. It is a safeguard phenomena. Advertence (Appamada) is another name for this Sati.

There is no sinful Sati such as stopping mind which is going along the way of meritable dealing. Mind is biased to sinful deals ordinary and it freely going through the path of sinful deals. Every sinful deed is against the Sati. Those are called Micchasati.

Translated from writings of Ven. Rerukane Chandawimala Thero
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