Who carried your beautiful figure away?

Who carried your beautiful figure away?
Love is a very pleasant word. If eye binds to other eye for enjoyment, if ear binds to other ear for enjoyment, nose, tongue, mind or body binds to other's one for enjoyment it is called a love.

If eye binds with other eye it is a suffer binds with another suffer. However the bind is for five facts as the Lord Buddha discoursed. Those are figure (Rupa), feeling (Vedana), signal (Sagngna), sacrament (Sankara) and consciousness (Vigngnana). Impermanence is the character of these five phenomena. If something is impermanent there is a suffer. The Lord Buddha discoursed that "There is an enjoyment in passion". Lord Buddha not discoursed anywhere that 'there is no enjoyment in passion'. There is an enjoyment in passion. Therefore the creature try very much to feed the eye, ear, tongue, nose, mind and body. Work hard day and night for it. But there is a danger as much as the enjoyment in passion. Enjoyment of passion is very short but the danger of suffer is very long and bitter. If someone bind with other for love it means bind for long suffer for the sake of short enjoyment.

If you are a young look at your parents wedding photograph. What happened to the beauty and the figure of the young man and woman now? If you are middle or old look at your wedding photograph. What happened to the beauty and figure of you and your spouse? Match the Noble Dhamma for your life. Where is the beauty gone? Who took that away? Towards the rebirth (Jati), aging (Jara), diseases (Viyadi), death (Marana). What is remaining? Sorrow (Soka), lamentation (Parideva), physical pain (Dukkha), grief (Domanassa) and despair (Upayasa). 

In the past of your grand parents, they were in their young ages, they were energetic even more than you. They may face for beauty contests also. But what is remaining now? Only the suffer of pancha upadana skanda. In a wedding day, people spent lot of money to decorate the bride and the groom. To whom this dressing for? For the ignorance. Wearing the dresses of covetousness. It is true that dresses are beautiful, colones are pleasant. But who looks this beauty? No one other than the tempter (Mara).

Whom beauty the tempter looks? Of the tempter itself. Figure is the tempter. The pancha upadana skanda created by the figure is also the tempter. Tempter looks the beauty of the tempter itself. Can you understand this?

If further says, suffer looks the beauty of the suffer itself. How the figure is going to be a  suffer? Figure creates from the four facts that subjected to impermanent uninterruptedly. Therefore you have to understand that, you clasp a figure subjected to jati, jara, viyadi, marana (rebirth, ageing, diseases, death). The five phenomena which is called Phassa (impression), Vedana (feeling), Sanna (signal), Sankhara (Karma formations) and Vinnana (consciousness) forms for the result of impermanent figure. If the figure is impermanent, the resulting phenomena are also impermanent.

The Lord Buddha discoursed that the figure always born and dead. But you do not know about that. You are not even like think of the death. In a death of the relation, you memorize about the death, but it is for few days. You forget all that thoughts about death from few days. After that you do not like to think about the death again. You think, thinking about the death is ominous. You think it is a negative thinking. If someone seeing the death in his mind, he is seeing the truth. There is no any negative or positive thinking there. There is the truth only. The truth of what is happening. Giving the food, water, medicine for the body, we try to hide the rebirth, ageing, diseases and death. What are you taking as the truth, hiding the real truth? That is unrighteousness. There are many tempter based phenomena in this society to feed this delusion based thinking. "Feel your life... do not think about the death..." how wonderful phrases. But there is a danger hiding inside this beautiful stories.
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