When you search dirty venereal taste from technology

When you search dirty venereal taste from technology
One gentleman who came to visit Bhikku who writing this, before about six months ago, and said, his son is very good, very obedient and interested on education and meritable deeds. But he last week said that, the son is disobedient, very lazy in education and meritable deeds, he shut the room door and searching internet by hours. But in this type of matter as a Bhikku, I haven't an answer. The Lord Buddha has discoursed that only a disappointment remains when you try to take the, suffering as no suffering, impermanent as permanent, soulless as subjective.

When you aggrieve of the impiety and irreligiousness rapidly spreading around the society, try to grow an impermanent signal from that. Otherwise you may also collect sins from other person's sins. Try to make other person's faults correct and try to adjust your thoughts to escape from the world which is with full of faults. Try to be virtuous. Contemplate the tempter attempt of being irreligious for the sake of irreligious people. We cannot satisfy everyone. Pleasure we get from the good works is merit. The people who do not know about the merits, quitting from good and goes to suffer. Merit will collect only for the sake of devotion, virtue and alms at the Triple Gem. A person who quit from those three is searching for dirty tastes. There are many places in this society to get the dirty tastes for a searcher. If you try to search the dirty tastes in this life you will receive full of dirty tastes in next life. 

I saw such some dirty tasters last days feeling the results of their dirty taste of the previous lives. When this Bhikku alms gathering in a village I saw a dead body of a cow about 25 meters away from the road. On the second day this cow got inflated. Third day dogs surrounded the dead cow and eating it. Within a week dogs, crows, monitors, foxen ate that dead body of the cow and finished. Dogs spend those days in a festival of eating that dead cow. White herons came there early and ate the worms and flies in remaining parts. During this time the place which the dead cow fallen was clear. Think that, how valuable a dead body among the animal world.

You will also get that opportunity to taste dead bodies in your next life if you search dirty things using the new technology. Looking at the animals who tasting these dead bodies, we can assume how danger is the cycle of rebirths.
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