This is the final light of Buddhism

This is the final light of Buddhism
There is no difference between human and the creatures in four hells in non-Buddha era. Virtue makes the difference between heaven and the hell. In non-Buddha eras Dhamma is the non virtue. Lord Buddha discoursed that getting a human life is very rare.

This is a period that the Dhamma is shimmering. It is like you are watching the sun set at the sea shore. This shimmering reminds us that this is the beginning of the ending of Buddhism. Because of the Buddhism is in high status, other religions of the world are also trying to keep their status in high to meet the qualities of Buddhism. If not their religions are neglecting in front of the qualities of Buddhism. But one day if the Buddhism losses it's qualities, it means that other religions have no contest. Therefore whole world will loss it's ethics. There is no difference between human and animal in the world of non-virtue. In this type of world humanity is not being rare. 

On one Dhamma discussion a gentleman asked why the human population denses with the loss of virtue. It is cause and effect Dhamma. When human loss virtue they close with animals. A home without a dog, cat even a fish tank is very rare this time. When Virtue which nourished by devotion is coming down human try to make animals close to them. Sometimes they make animals as their children, spouse. In the present culture there are people who sex with animals. Increasing the combination with devils and preata. Human contacts with non-humans are increasing. 

When unseeing the difference between creatures in four hells and human the virtue which makes a barrier between the four hells and human world breaks. In this case the human life is not very rare. The valuebility of the human life become lower unto the four hells. After human death it becomes as animal and after animal death it becomes as human. When human close to animals, animals can have make a human clinging when die. Therefore human population will increasing. Increase the speed of non-human rebirths as humans. But there are no qualities in such humans. 

In the speed of humans becoming non-virtue, gods of heavens are becoming non-virtue. When seeing the non-virtue of humans, gods who not entered to path and fruition and those who like to passion are becoming non-virtue. Therefore greed, hate and delusion increase in gods and they rebirth in human world. Lord Buddha discoursed that during non-Buddha eras density of gods in divine planes decrease fast. This decreasing god density is adding to the human world. Now the world population increases and become a mess. 

If you become non-clever in this birth you have to be participate to this mess. There the Dhamma is fighting, killing and subduing. Therefore try to imagine the suffer you feel in non-Buddha eras. And try to understand danger of that. Make a fear at the rebirth-cycle.

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