Kill the suffer, otherwise suffer will not die even after you dead

Kill the suffer, otherwise suffer will not die even after you dead
The bhikku heard a noise of hissing. This is a common noise of the iguana resides around the cottage. It always tracking some food under the fallen leaves. Digging the soil and catching some animal to eat. This iguana kills every creature with a mind of killing. As in a human, inside of this iguana also generates Pancha upadana skanda. But this creature does not know about those. He caught for lateness. That is because a lack of virtue in previous life. He not believe the Karma and results of Karma. But he has the mind of killing. For every creature he eat, he is subjected to the sin of killing. And every creature dies, is rewarded with a sin it done in his previous lives. When someone collecting sinful sanskaras, someone pays his sinful sanskaras. This is the characteristic of the world.

How this iguana understand the thing that he did not understand when he was as a human?  This iguana will be traveled through the cycle of rebirths for another several aeons. If you can imagine the danger hiding in this life of iguana in your mind, you will be able to escape from the four hells with your good effort even in this life.

Most of the people do meditation as the first thing. This is the place we every time fails. As the first thing we must make a devotion on the Nobel Triple Gem. Then the virtue. Without completing these two, no Vidarshana or Samata meditation will grow. You must attend to meditation after cleaning your mind with the devotion of triple gem and the virtue. Otherwise no meditation can grow inside you. By the name of meditation, only the sakkaya ditthi and arrogance are growing.

Importance here is you have no real idea of what is the real meaning of devotion at triple gem. There was a meditation adviser who knows by the Bhikku (The Bhikku who wrote the original writing). He is a teacher of meditation for large number of people. This meditation teacher wears a string around the stomach, which is not showing for anyone. Bhikku ask from him "Why you wear a string like this?". He says "I have lots of troubles from my enemies. I wear this string for that as a protection." (Some Eastern countries where this type of strings after do enchanting.) Look, this meditation teacher is not have a devotion even on triple gem. He lives in delusion. He does not even know he is not in devotion. It is a hard luck. He cheated himself and other selves also. The biggest fault we have done along the cycle of rebirth is not really identify what is the real devotion at triple gem. If someone going after enchanting and other kinds of rituals and hope safety from those, if doubt at triple gem, he is not make devotion at triple gem. It is called amulika saddha (unfounded devotion). Devotion of changing everytime on various challenges.

Reading Sutta Sermons which discoursed by the Lord Buddha, can make a devotion on you. But it is very difficult and rare. So, try to be such a rare person. To make a devotion on Triple Gem, escape from following other kinds of rituals and enchanting. 
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