How to Overcome the Covetousness?

How to Overcome the Covetousness?
The society of stray running never understand the importance of the Dhamma and they cannot understand the truth of the life. Finding foods, finding a place to sleep, finding a safety, finding sex are common factors for both of the human and animal. Human changed from the animal is because of Dhamma. "Dhammena tesan madiko visesan" (if a human the importance of humanity changed by the Dhamma). "Dhammena heenan pasu visesan" (a person who is lack of Dhamma is same as the animal and limited to above four factors.

If you staying in this cycle of rebirths you only do those four. Human has a clever mind ("manan ussatiti manusso"). The character of a person with clever mind is seeing the truth as it is. Lord Buddha discoursed to "See the truth as it is". If we going to see the truth as it is, everywhere we will find suffering. Ancient Bhikkus had understood the Dhamma very well. Therefore they place their life at the second in front of Dhamma. Today it is going worse. We first abandon the Dhamma in a little circumstance. When we facing problems in home or everyday life, we are getting those problems as our life and abandon the Dhamma.

There's a good phrase in Dhamma. "People abandon assets for save their body. People abandon body parts to save their life. But the person who knows the reality of Dhamma very well, abandon all assets, body parts and life for save the Dhamma. (Dhanan chache angan rakkhamano. Angan chache jeewita rakkhamano. Dhanan angan jeewitan chache Dhamma manussa ranto)". 

Therefore think even a little about the life. We do not receive the life everytime even in this amount. Understand the valuability when we receive the life. Sometimes we can feel the valuablity of the Dhamma but there is no availability to understand it. Sometimes there is an availability to understand the Dhamma but we do not feel the valuability of it. The thing should happen is understanding the valuability when there is availability. In the past Buddha era of India there were many kings and barons abandoned their assets and came under the shade of Dhamma.

Think like this, regality is a higher post in this world. He receives the respect and honor of everyone. Suddenly he gets ill and unable to heal. No doctor can heal him. One comes at the last and says abandon this regality and go and stay at the such-an-such jungle and eat such-and-such tree barks, you may become heal. Doesn't he abandon the regality? Will abandon. Why, because people like the life than the regality. They afraid of death. They want to be live without dead. Actually postpone the death. But one day he will die. If we saw one day that we are consuming suffer in lay home life and close to the Dhamma, we will have the comfort in cycle of rebirths. We will get the ability of escaping from this suffering rebirth-cycle.

Extracted and Translated from "Sri Saddharmayen Bindak" of Rev. Mankadawala Sudassana Thero
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