For challenge against the authority of covetousness

For challenge against the authority of covetousness
Chat with your mind on your leisure times. What is this life? Mothers, Fathers, Grandmothers and grandfathers are dieing. Daughters, sons, grand daughters and grand sons are growing. When will I die? How? Where will I rebirth? If I fall in to four hells, how long should I suffer? If so there would be no mother or father like this. If an animal was my father or mother. What if anthill, cave, water pond was my home. How unfortunate? how suffer? will it be. Where will be the stop of that suffer?

Chat with your mind like that in your leisure times. That will be a good entrance to make a stop for this suffer. As the Lord Buddha discoursed, covetousness is the beginning of the suffer. Covetousness is the creator of whole creatures who cycling around the Patichcha Samuppada system. Covetousness creates the world. Once as a Brahma, as a god, as a human, as an animal, etc covetousness creates many figures. Covetousness is hiding in the world of open suffer. 

If you clever enough to highlight the danger of every comfort, it will be a challenge to covetousness. The only way to break the covetousness is the Noble Eight Fold Path. The entrance gate to the Noble Eight Fold Path is Samma Ditthi (good vision). Hearing Dhamma and cogitating is the path to samma ditthi. Someone who are willing to escape from suffer and fighting against the covetousness, requires this correct entrance. The danger of covetousness is covered by the darkness of ignorance. Ignorance is the darkness. You only see the darkness through the darkness.

The world which losses the way by the darkness of the ignorance is going unstoppably for no-end. Awakening of the un-ignorance is the light of the wisdom. Through the light you will see the truth and the reality. The samma ditthi makes the light of the wisdom.

World is the meaning of brake, crack, disperse. What is breaking, cracking, dispersing it is the world. Figure is the thing which break, crack and disperse. Name phenomena are the breaking, cracking and dispersing things. Look at you carefully. Eye and the contact, feeling, signal, volition, consciousness phenomena are breaking, cracking and dispersing. World is you and you are the world.
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