Advices for Meditation 6

Advices for Meditation 6
Try to become a different from others in your home. Be different in school, classroom, office, village, country, .... etc. Be different while alms giving, preserving virtue, in meditation. This is not to be an outstanding. The difference means there is from Dhamma and qualities. Lord Buddha once discoursed with taking some soil into the nail, "when comparing the soil in this nail top and in earth, creatures become comfort after death is like the soil in nail top and who not are like the soil in earth".

If you want to become one sand particle in the nail top soil you have to be different. If you do as others you will loss the comfort. You will loss the great opportunity you got.

Once this Bhikku stayed at a village during the rainy season. One day for one month for one house in the village allow to alms gathering. If the Wesak Poya day comes they do not offer even one alms more except their. But there is one middle aged woman in this village who give something for alms except her turn for four or five times a month. She comes to the road and give something she made in her own for alms. Bhikku see some special characteristics. That means she is special than others of the village. But the last month of the rainy season she abandoned her behaviour. She became same as the other because they did not do such. No need of working for other's time table.

Grow your alms, virtue, meditation qualities and go forward. The suffer and the comfort of you set inside yourself. Be clever to see a god or goddess in a spoon of rice you alms or a virtue protected with full of virtue, honest for virtued bhikku. Once you memorise an impermanent signal you should be clever to see an Arhant through it. That's how you set up your courage to go forward in the way of Nibbana. Not by following others but seeing the suffer from yourself. We are still suffer inside of this rebirth-cycle because of trying to do what others do. Do what Lord Buddha discoursed. See how Lord Buddha discoursed.
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