Advices for Meditation 5

Advices for Meditation 5
No one to take your hand in this journey. The Bhikkhu who write this experienced in this way of Dhamma and not hide you anything. That's the only thing this Bhikkhu can do for you. Therefore you get "your" hand and come forward of the way of Dhamma. It means catch the mind which is searching for feelings, using the concentration mind caught by the vidarshana mind. If you lost your "hand" no one can help you. In this way you will first meet the Sapta Bojjhanga Dhamma (Seven Factors of Enlightenment). There you will get a certificate about you are correct, an your path is meaningful. No one give you the credits. You own your. Whether you got marks from yours, it means there is a competition. A competition means there may be win or fail. If there are win or fail there is a bonding or collision. Therefore you have to abandon this competition. See that the seven factors of enlightenment are also impermanent.

When you understand the seven factors of enlightenment are impermanent, wisdom will grow inside of you. Wisdom is the trust of that you are born in the lap of Lord Buddha. This trust is generated inside of you. Therefore try to brush up the energy of Dhamma inside of you using the Noble Eight Fold Paths. Try to negate the egoism using Satara Satipatthana.

If someone thinks that "Why we looking such a beautiful life in such a suffering manner." It is beautiful when you looking outside. But think for a moment, if you do not bath, wash your face, make-up, use talk, wear or brush teeth will there be any beautiful body? Beauty is not in the body or figure. In the covetousness made at the figure. Reduce the covetiousness at the figure. Then you will see the figure is an ominous thing. If someone says this male or female figure is beautiful, they have the see the divine bodies in various divine planes. The gods at those divine planes are very beautiful. And no words in this world to describe the figures of their splendorous, rhythmic, gracefulness, glittering bodies.

Get set for extinct from suffering with the trust of Triple Gem. Just one thing you have to extinct for the purpose of eliminate from suffering. It is the covetiousness at the figure. Stop thinking other subjects and think about the covetiousness for a moment. You may see that number of thoughts is because of this covetiousness. Take the control of your thoughts to your hand. Do not let the thoughts to go free. The free mind is always go for the passion. For the sake of aims, take the control of your free running mind. Grow the meditation aim in the controlled mind. Now the consciousness is in your mind. Do not go for meanings of words. Words are criticism and arguments. Criticism and arguments are belong to the tempter (màra). When you go through the way of Dhamma, do not stop between the questions and answers. Lord Buddha has discoursed an open Dhamma. Therefore there will no any questions unless you make your own. How can an answer exist if there is no any question? Nibbana is an understanding and not a question and answer.

In example there is a meaning of the word pancha-upadana-skanda. No need of following the meaning of the word. Because the real meaning of panchaupadanaskanda is impermanent. Every meaning of every word is impermanent. Because every word is subjected to panchaupadanaskanda. The bhikku who writing this articles never find any meaning of any word during the way of Nibbana. Just only see the mind which is saying to search the meaning of a word is impermanent. Therefore the consciousness and concentration generates there. If I try to search the meanings of the words I may lost the consciousness and the concentration of the mind.
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