Advices for Meditation 4

Advices for Meditation 4
Go for your past using concentrated mind what if your age is. To the womb of your mother. Imagine the experience you got there in your mind. Imagine you were benting inside a baloon-like mothers womb inside her body. Imagine the delicate figure which get smered with blood and pus. Not only in human womb, but also in animal wombs. Then imagine your birth time.

From there imagine how passing your childhood, youth and if you are an old the middle age. Imagine this body subjected to ageing, diseases and death. Become paralised in your mind, without care of anyone, laying on your shit. Never mind if you are young, every one can happen this any moment. Be disgusted on the figure with understanding.

Imagine that leave the life, heat and consciousness from your body and your are going dead. Imagine in your mind that your dead body is embalming. Dressed by white or black dress or by the wedding dress and put the body in the middle of a parlor or hall. Imagine the relations crying around your body. See the burning or burring you body in your mind. See turning it to ash or dissolve to soil.

Staying inside the frame of Dhamma see the impermanence of the figure as your wish. Try to stop the permanent signal using ominous and marananussati (imaging the death). When you sleeping at night think to die in tomorrow. If you wake up without dieing do your responsibilities with courage.

Lord Buddha has discourse about the late. This is not the usual late like late to school, late to work, late to wake up. Lord Buddha discoursed from the word late is creatures late in hells for large number of time. Every animal you are seeing today were human in their previous lives. When they received the human life they did not protect the virtue to make the human life continue. They did not see the valuabilty of the virtue. Did not heard Dhamma. Did not close with good friends. Took the live as tang, fully depend the life on spouse, children, knowledge, properties, etc. They took the non-important as important. Did not close to good friends. The friends with them are also showed the path to fun, parties, drinks, traveling. No one were say about the Triple Gem. Did not thing they die. Did not think there is a rebirth after death. They understand the death in the time of death. No merit mind made on the time of death. Therefore they suffer in four hells. Animals cannot understand even there is a Buddha in this time. They do not know the Triple Gem. This is the real late. Do not late to alms, virtue. The people who do not late to alms and virtue are feeling comfort in the world. Therefore understand the suffer of the late and make a vision not to late.
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