Advices for Meditation 3

Advices for Meditation 3
We can divide the human body into 32 parts or four elements. You have always to try exit from the person signal and see your body as such. When you aiming a figure in your mind, just escape from it and see as flesh bulks (see the Advices for Meditation 2). If you are unable to do it, do not worry, try as much as you can. If you are able to do it, do not be proud. Both of those ends are forming the covetousness which is showing the road to suffer. If you think there is something to take to your life when read this article make one thought. That is enough to understand you are a clever among the unclever world.

Now see the body as four elements (apo, tejo, vayo, pathavi). Apo means things flowing, fluids. Tejo elements are the heat. Vayo is the air and Pathavi is the hard elements. Put hard parts (pathavi) like flesh, intestines, stomach, etc. to one bulk. Put fluids such as blood, urine, etc to one bulk and this is apo. Then see the vayo and tejo elements inside the above two bulks. But as same as the six bulks of flesh there will not be a person signal. Get everyone in this world and separate into four bulks by your mind. You now see a big hard flesh bulk, a pond of fluid and spuming vayo element and warming tejo element. Every human and animal is like those and rotting, badly smelling dirt.

See rotting this flesh and fluid and absorbing to the earth, in your mind. See trees are growing with absorbing the nourishment of that flesh and fluid. Bad smelling vayo element mix with the wind. See the impermanence of the figure in mind. Escape from the favor and passion of the figure. Be clever to see your body as soil of the earth, water of the rivers and wind and heat.

There will no object be found to you except with four elements. Soil, water, wind, fire, sun, moon everything created by four elements. The open space in front of you is also created with the four elements. But the patavi (the hard part) is very tiny there. Therefore you in meditation never see anything is empty. That will be a draw back to you. There is no place to take as empty in the world and figures. But only an arhant can see neglecting the name and figure phenomena. That is because an arhant understand the figure as impermanent. An arhant can negate the entire world. But if you trying to do this you may fail or confuse. Because you still not understand the impermanent of the figure correctly. Therefore see every space or figure with the four elements and try to see the rapid change of those factors and impermanence.
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