Advices for Meditation 2

Advices for Meditation 2
We can separate this body as eye, ear, tongue, body and mind. Why those stations created? Because of name-figure phenomena. How do we extinct those name-figure phenomena? Extinction of ignorance, extinction of sanskara and consciousness, extinct the name-figure phenomena. Salayatana (six sense-media) extinction is come after the extinction of name-figure.

If we sudden take extinction of salayatana or name-figure we might be loss in meditation. In the Samadhi meditation at the status of equanimity without bonding and collisions, eye, ear, nose, tongue, body and mind is in calm or subside. We are in the status of no sense at salayatana. Someone get cheated at this moment that the salayatana has extinct. If the sense-media extinct mind is in ignorance. Therefore you have to see the Patichchasamuppada Dhamma from beginning, middle and end step by step.

Lord Buddha discoursed that the eye continuously born and dead. What is the meaning of birth of the eye? What is the meaning of death of the eye? Birth is the creation of Chakkhu Vinnana (sight consciousness) colliding eye, external object and consciousness together. When the chakkhu vinnana forms mind begin to think about the figure seeing through the eye. That is the creation of Manovinnana (mind consciousness). When seeing an object chakkhu vinnana forms. Then after being impermanent of the chakkhu vinnana, the manovinnana forms. When thinking like that you are beaten by a mosquito. This time the Kayavinnana (body consciousness) forms and manovinnana become impermanent. You have to know very well that only one station can be born at once. In other word five stations are dead every time. As this, the consciousness does births and deaths at the above six sense stations and when the person dies, consciousness exited from this body as the Chuti Chitta (mind at passing away) and enter to other mother's womb, egg or abiogenetic life.

That's why the Lord Buddha discoursed eye, ear, nose, tongue, body and mind is in continuous deaths and births. Then the eye you are assuming as yours is continuously die and born. According the above facts think about the death and birth of the eye. See a figure well. You will feel the eye is only in live and other five stations are dead. Then you start to think about the figure. You will sense that the death of the eye and birth of the mind. Think well about the speed of death and birth of the station. Try to understand the consciousness which born and die with the eye. Not only about the eye think at other five stations also. Extinct from the covetousness on the eye which is subjected to birth and death every time.

Separate your body into six parts in your mind. Eye, ear, nose, tongue, heart as separate five and all the muscles, bones and veins together as one. Assume that heart is the mind. Then there are six bulks. When you seeing your body as these six bulks, cannot be a sense about your figure. Try and learn to see this in your mind. Your sense have to focus on the six flesh bulks. Exit from the "person signal" and look at those flesh bulks. Those are flesh and blood. Very disgusting. Those are not belong to you. See in your mind that flies are covering those flesh, animals eating those flesh. See your flesh turn to shit in that animal's stomach. See the impermanence of your body. There is no figure now. You are inside the animal's stomach. Animal grows with the nourishment of your flesh and blood. Exit from the covetousness at your figure.

See those six flesh bulks again and again. Take the figures of your beloved and separate from mind like it do for yours. Quit from the person signal. Do this for your relations, non-relations, animals also. There you can see by mind six mountains of flesh. There is no further a person signal. You as you, your relations, world, now aiming bulk of eyes, bulk of ears like six bulks of flesh. There is no division like human, animal, races, religions, gender. Everyone is under this six flesh bulks. See the rotting flesh in mind and how disgusting those are? Quit from the person signal and see the world as six flesh bulks. This will help to extinct the favour, passion, soul sight.
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