Advices for Meditation 1

Advices for Meditation 1
Lord Buddha has discoursed very clearly about the way to practice Satipatthana Dhamma to enter to the path of Nibbana in Satipatthana Sutta. But there is some other trend in the society neglecting such a golden Dhamma. But from all these methods people can get some ease. No doubt about that. But if the hope is only the ease for the life, it is not Lord Buddha expected. Because ease is also going to impermanence. Dhamma of Lord Buddha always targeted the extinction of rebirth cycle. To kill the bases of sin. Therefore to get the enlightenment we have to ask the way only from Lord Buddha.

To enter to the first milestone of this way of Nibbana, stream-enterer, we have to make continuous devotion at Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha (the Noble Triple Gem). There you have to concern very much to take the very correct understanding on 'continuous devotion at Sangha'. If you follow a way except the Lord Buddha's you may lose. If you go on wrong way the devotion will create on wrong objects such as the instructors and teachers, not on Lord Buddha. 

Every person who do meditation have to make a self-examination everyday. If the four Satipatthana is growing, arrogance have to be reduced. Decreasing arrogance will gather the meekness. That self-examination have to do everyday. From that you can be correct in yourself. When you attention about the meditation of four Satipatthana do every everyday work with consciousness. Do what ever in conscious mind. If you are walking, sitting, lay for sleep be conscious without getting other objects to the mind. This is the base of the calm mind. You have to attend to the meditation with this calm. Now you can make concentration on the inspiration and expiration. Fill the body with inspiration. Again empty it. Do this again and again. See the birth and death of body sanskaras. Now you can see the length of the inspiration and expiration. But concern the impermanent of all these activities. See that, till you taking breath your body is living and after exhale your body die, in your mind. That is the life.

See how short the distance of the living and death of your body through the respiration. Think inspiration is the life and the expiration is death. See this in your mind. When you exhale see your death in your mind. Do this again and again. See how body sanskaras forming because of the consciousnesses.

Stop breathing for a moment. You may feel a hurt like pressing the chess. You may feel the hurt of entire body. Those are the omens of the death. Do only a short while. Come again to your normal breathing cycle. Feel the comfort to the body. The death experience when holding the respiration and comfort when you start breathing again are impermanent. Separate the air (vayo circumstance) and the body in mind. Think both as impermanent. The air is not belong to you and the body also not belong to you. Think in your mind that no longer life without body sanskara. Compare and apply this to lives of people you loving very much and people you like and do not like.

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