Abhidhamma : Vitakka Mental Factor (Lesson 19)

Thinking is the effort of a mind to know unknown things. A trying of reaching to an aim which not come before. Vitakka is that effort. Mind births when coming to aim and attaching with that aim. Before the birth of that mind it is not there. After it comes to an aim it cannot be changed to another aim. Therefore no any external power which let the mind to come to an aim. Therefore the vitakka (vitarka - conjecture) is not an external one. It is a phenomena which is connected unseparatably with the aiming mind. These mind and the vitakka can be identified separately by the actions only. Mind is taking aims (objects) and vitakka is going to that aims. In the campaign of going to an aim, mind and the other mental factors also doing their actions and going to the aim. Therefore the phenomena that directs entire group of phenomenas to the aim is called vitakka.

Some minds no need of vitakka. There are five consciousnesses which collide with the objects and appears not using a vitakka. Those are the consciousnesses subjected for the eye, ear, nose, tongue and body. They are called in sequence, chakkhu vinnana, sota vinnana, ghana vinnana, jivha vinnana and kaya vinnana.

Translated from writings of Rev. Rerukane Chandawimala Thero
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