Abhidhamma : Vichara Mental Factor (Criticism) (Lesson 20)

Abhidhamma : Vichara Mental Factor (Criticism) (Lesson 20)
Poke or handling the aim of the mind which came to an object is called vichara. It is also called as burnishing. To poke an object both of the move hand and push actions have to be done. If no push no complete understanding whether the hand came to it. But most of the minds need both of the procedure of coming to the aim of the object and procedure of moving on it. The moving procedure is like an action of poke or handling. The procedure of coming is vitakka. The procedure of poke and handling is vichara. Between the vitakka and vichara, vichara is more sensitive thing. It is an action according to vitakka. Both vitakka and vichara is start at once.

A cart with two wheels cannot go with only one wheel. As such a mind cannot born without even one of all the required mental factors. There is no ability to a mental factor to born without combination of the mind. Therefore both vitakka and vichara must be born together. Mental factors have no authors or objects but they are called actions. We called them actions because we have no other method for describe those. Thinking as mental factors are special kind of energy with no objects related to those, we can understand the vitakka and vichara clearly.

Some sort of minds have both of vitakka and vichara. But some have no vitakka but vichara. Some minds have not both of the vitakka and vichara. Among the minds born in ordinary people, panchavinnana (five consciousnesses) is the one which has no both vitakka and vichara. Minds with Vichara only and no vitakka or vichara are contemplate minds. That is because they trained mind concatenation with meditation.

Translate from the writings of Rev. Rerukane Chandawimala Thero
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