Abhidhamma : Varieties of Mental Factors - Jeewithindriya and Manasikara (Lesson 18)

The concatenation of figures are staying for some time and destroy then. How powerful it is, at the end of the aeon every figure concatenation will destroy. Mind concatenation of a creature is not destroy until it comes to Nibbanana. How many times he born in the cycle of rebirth, mind is also rebirth on every life and continues the mind continuance. That is a special power the mind continuance has. That power is called Jeewithindriya.

Jeewithindriya controls the mind continuance. That jeewithindriya is also in the mind. The jeewithindriya also destroy and rebirth in new life. But at the presence it controls the mind continuance.

Manasikara is very difficult to understand. There's no any complete description on Abhidhamma Pali. It is a phenomena of deploy the mind to taking aims. Every mind which is born, destroys abandoning the aim. This mental factor of Manasikara does make new mind and deploy to take aim. 

Remembering minds (awarjana chitta) also called as Manasikara. Those are called as "yoniso manasikara" and "ayoniso manasikara".

Translated from writings of Rev. Rerukane Chandawimala Thero
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