Abhidhamma - Peeti (Bliss) (Lesson 23)

Abhidhamma - Peeti (Bliss) (Lesson 23)
The status of puffing up the mind with connected phenomena. It is like water boiling. When water is boiling the growing up air bubbles puffing the water up. Like the hot air puffing the water bliss (peeti) puffing the mind. It is like a blossom. But mind is not tangible. There should be no puffing in an intangible thing. The word puff is used here for imagine the situation. A blissing mind will generate an air inside a body to puffing up.

Because of that air the body of a person with bliss will puff up. The laughing comes with that growing air. The growing air inside the body of a blissed mind will float and lift up the body. People start to dance with that floating. The bliss is not seeing by the eye but effects of bliss can be seen to the eye.

There are five types of bliss has described in Lord Buddha's doctrine. Those are kuddaka peeti, kanika peeti, okkantika peeti, ubbega peeti, pharana peeti. Kuddaka peeti only float up the hair of the skin. It rise and sudden subject to death. No re-rising. Kanika peeti is like a lightning. It is re-rising again and again. Okkantika peeti is like sea waves. Like the waves distribute and break in the shore it distributes all over the body and breaks. Ubbega peeti is floating the body up and it is a powerful bliss. Pharana peeti/Atipraneeta peeti is distribute all over the body with touching every part of the body.

Peeti generates in minds with somanassa (pleasure). You have to know the difference between the peeti (English word relate to bliss) and somanassa (English word relate to pleasure). Somanassa is feeling the desired taste of aims. Among the mental factors it is subjected to Vedana. Peeti is the awakening generates by the feeling. The following example describes these two well. Peeti is like a lascivious person sees his bride at first time. Somanassa is like he sex with her at the first time.

Translated from the writings of Rev. Rerukane Chandawimala Thero
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