Abhidhamma - The Fourteen Sinful Mental Factors (Part IV) - Lesson 28

Abhidhamma - The Fourteen Sinful Mental Factors (Part IV) - Lesson 28
Dosa (Malice)
The opposite status of the aim taken by the mind is malice. Like the fire it is an incendiary thing. It shakes the body with bad images.

Malice is in several types. Sometimes it appears against the aims. This type is called anger. Malice also appears as afraid. This draws back from the aim which the opposite of the aim is more powerful. From this both of mind and body subject to incendiary status. This sometimes make more trouble to the body.

It may cause for sudden death. Abhorrence is the other type of malice and it is the distaste of the mind. The malice type which aims on loss something or someone you like is called the regret. Disappointment is another type of malice. While you are doing some kind of work, which is more difficult than think before it is the disappointment. Or you lose your hopes it is also a disappointment. When you see a respectable person doing a wrong thing a disapproval will generate on your mind. It is also a malice.

Such that malice is in different types. The greed takes it's aims very gently like a mother take an infant to her hand. But the malice taking it's aims very roughly like a policeman catch a thief.

Issa (Jealousy)
Jealousy could not bear the assets and properties of other people which are already have or soon to be have. They unhappy of hearing about other's assets and properties. They hope the disaster of other people's assets. They wish other people could not be able to get more assets. If there is nothing to do to other's properties or unable to destroy, they talk about those are very cheap, bad or impermanent and make their minds.

Some Hidden Facts
Greed is an incendiary thing which hurts the mind like a fire. When appear a greed at something people work hard for get that because of they could not bear that hurt. If someone is in hungry, consolation is the food. As same as when someone with greed at something, he console only after got that. The object which greed to is the food. Food here we called is not cause to make something but extinguish. Because of extinguishing greed, people love venereal objects. They also love to the people who give those and help to get those. Even a wicked or irreligious person, niggard sees as a good if he give something. Therefore niggard belaud them. Telling their qualities.

As same as the greed, jealousy is an another incendiary phenomena. It extinguish seeing other's suffer or fail. Therefore the suffer or fail of others is the food for the jealousy. The happiness or the rich of others is the thing which grow up the fire of jealousy. Therefore a jealousy person likes people who are poor, suffer or failed and do not like rich, happy people.

Translated from the writings of Ven. Rerukane Chandawimala Thero
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