Abhidhamma - The Fourteen Sinful Mental Factors (Part III) - Lesson 27

Abhidhamma - The Fourteen Sinful Mental Factors (Part III) - Lesson 27
Ditthi (Vision)
Vision is reasonable for samyagdrusti (correct vision) and mityadrusti (wrong vision) but there we discuss about the mityadrusti. Here the ditthi is reason which taken as wrong or seen as wrong. Some people take the samyagdrusti as mityadrusti because of the wrong decision. If we take it as a wrong vision ditthi is one but according to take it can be separated into several parts. The main two are saswata ditthi and uccheda ditthi. Other various ditthis are derived from those two. Nastika ditthi, ahetuka ditthi and akriya ditthi are coming as karma circles. Thinking of no use of alms is called nastika ditthi and there are ten varieties. There are twenty types of sakkayaditthi. Sixty two ditthis on brahmajala sutta.

Mana (Arrogance)
The thinking of one self is important and eminent is the mana (arrogance). Highly educated, rich people are flagging themselves among the society. It is a manic situation. They never respect other people, never accept other's comments or voice and living with insulting other people. This is the characteristics of arrogance.

Arrogance is three in types. Those are Seiyamana, Sadisamana and Hinamana. Thinking of one self is more eminent than other is called the Seiyamana. It is an ambition. Sadisa mana is the thinking of other people same as one self. No difference between other people and him self. They also have same body parts compare with him. Therefore he think there is no difference between he and them. Taking one self belittle such as he has no money compare with other selves, no relations, no education is called the Hinamana.

Arrogance is also divided into two as true arrogance (yatawamana) and liar arrogance (ayatawamana). Some one make arrogance with real eminent conditions it is called the true arrogance. If some one has no any eminent status but they ascend it and it is called the liar arrogance. Not only for the seiyamana but also for other two, this two factors can be apply.

Most of the people have no real sense about the hinamana. They misunderstand that the hinamana is the condescending characteristic of them. Hinamana is more harmful than other two. One self not have only one of those but all. The difference is the amount. 

Translated from the writings of Rev. Rerukane Chandawimala Thero
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