Abhidhamma - The Fourteen Sinful Mental Factors (Part II) - Lesson 26

Abhidhamma - The Fourteen Sinful Mental Factors (Part II) - Lesson 26
Sin is a thing you should be afraid for. To do sinful things someone must have a support against that fear. Without such support people cannot do sins. There should be a power to stop coming fear inside the mind against the sins. Otherwise they could not do sinful behaviours. There is a power to negate fear in every sinful mind. We called Anottappa for that power. The meaning of anottappa is not afraid to the sin. Some people give that sinful phenomena a higher value.

If we drop a clay ball to ground it stick to the floor and no any move. But if we drop a rubber ball it bump several times. Like that some minds static to the aims and some minds tremble on the aim. Samadhi helps to the permanency of static minds. In the tremble minds, trembling is done by the Uddaccha mental factor. In other words a trembling status of a mind is called the uddccha. The trembling means mind is not rigid in the aim.

Difilements (Klesha) are incendiary situations of the body which contains connected phenomena. A person who feel high pain could not stay calm. Fidgeting helps him. Therefore he will. As same, the mind with difilements also fidgets. That mind needs fidgeting specially. Therefore every mind with difilements has the uddaccha as a mental factor.

Greed (Loba)
Character of cohere to the aim when seeing the aim as pleasure is called the greed (loba). Saying with aspiration, love, passion, request, gusty is the greed. Someone who does not know the meaning of Dhamma well, says the greed on the spouse and children as loving kindness. Someone says the greed on the Bhikkhus as the devotion. This greed is like a gum. When we collide with it we will stick. It will stick us to the aim. Like, 'my wife, my children, my home, my estate, my car' we catch the aims hardly. Again thinking 'need a wife, need a husband, need children, need money' like that we collect bunch of venereal requests. Greed is like a blot in a cloth, hard to remove. Due to the status, greed has three stages. Greed of finding things which are not own, Greed of keeping the found things, Greed of tasting the collected things are those three.
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