Abhidhamma - The Fourteen Sinful Mental Factors (Part I) - Lesson 25

Abhidhamma - The Fourteen Sinful Mental Factors (Part I) - Lesson 25
There are fourteen sinful mental factors which are called moha (delusion), ahirika, anottappa, uddccha, loba (greed), ditti (sight), mana (arrogance), dosa (malice), issa, maccariya, kukkuccha, teena, midda, vicikiccha. From this Lesson we would like to describe those fourteen factors.

Delusion (Moha)
The thing which covered the mind to avoid understanding the reality of the aims is called delusion (Moha). Delusion covers the reality not from outside the mind but inside. Therefore it is a disease of the mind. It is like a cloud which covers the eye. Because of the delusion covers the truth mind takes the body as good thing. It shows suffering as comfort.

Person sees the reason for suffer which is called covesciousness as a reason of comfort. The real comfort takes as the bad. Effort of quitting from suffer takes as a bad. Therefore creatures go on wrong way because of the delusion. Most of the time the delusion acts as wisdom. Therefore people think they are erudite when the delusion is high. Delusion, greed, sight, argument, critique and thought are acting as the wisdom of sin. Those phenomena drive the person to do more sin. Those people can do sins without any hesitation because of the cover of the delusion. There will no sin mind generation without the delusion.

Bawanga citta is the primitive mind of the creatures and it is pure. The mind which contaminated with difilements such as greed is dirty. The sin which is dirt with difilements and resulting bad have to be abandoned. A pig or dog can eat shit but human cannot. It is because human cannot bare the odour and the impurity but pig and dog. Pig and dog has a power to bare such odour and impurity. But human has no such a power.

Therefore human could not bare the impure minds generating on the pure primitive bawanga citta. But they generate impure minds. That is because there is a mental factor known as Ahirika mental factor which have the power to bare such impure condition. Ahirika citta is against the disgust of doing sins. Without this no sinful mind can be generated.

Translated from writings of Rev. Rerukane Chandawimala Thero
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