Abhidhamma - Courage (Lesson 22)

Abhidhamma - Courage (Lesson 22)
While we doing something for a long time of period we will get tired. Therefore we could not complete the work until the expectations come across. We may give way. We can get recover by supplying foods or medicine to the weaken body. They we are able to go along the way till expectations come across. Like that, if give some back up, mind can go for the action with no draw backs. As the foods and medicine for the body there is a mental factor which backs up the mind. It is called Courage (Veeriya). Food comes from another place to the body. But the courage mental factor arises with the mind and backs up it.

We called as hero for the people who do their work started, unbreaking till the goal and whom do things others could not come across. His mind not fail at some where in stress and keep the mind continuity till reaches to the goal. He do not let the mind continuity to break and make some back up. 

Usually the weight is one but it differs from size and called gram, kilo gram, metric ton, etc. As same, the courage is different in the power of it. This courage is in both of the merit and sin. Sin is a taste for the creatures with difilements. When his mind is on the sin stage it is floating rapidly like a boat floats downwards with the river flowing. It is easily go forward. But the difficulty is not let the mind to go along the path of sin, difficulty is stopping it to go free. Therefore no need of powerful courage to do sins. Merit is harsh to the creatures with difilements. He has no comfort during the merit stage. Therefore in the merit stage their minds are trying to draw back every time. It always try to stop doing merits. For the person who has difilements, alms is an encumbrance, virtue, meditation are encumbrances. Therefore that mind has to get support from powerful courage to continue merit things. This powerful courage means the courage which force created and developed.

Courage in some work such as lifting a weight is called courage of body. That is the vayo element. Body courage and the courage mental factor are two different phenomena. Do not mess with getting those two as one.

There is no courage mental factor in the minds of Panchadvaravajjana, Dvipanchavinnana, Sampatichchana, Santeekarana. Every minds excepting above have the courage factor.

Translated from the writings of Rev. Rerukane Chandawimala Thero
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