Abhidhamma - Chanda (Lesson 24)

Chanda is willingness of do something and the need of do something. There are lot of varieties in willingness. I.e. willingness of seeing, willingness of saying, willingness of hearing, willingness of thinking, willingness receiving, willingness of protecting, willingness of giving, willingness of not giving, etc.

The pali word of chanda is used to describe the covesciousness. But these two are different phenomena are very close to each other. Therefore we use similar words to introduce both phenomena. The attribute of attaching to aim is related to the covesciousness but chanda. Chanda has the willingness of doing those. Chanda is not opposite to the covesciousness. We can see it in the greed mind. In a greed mind it stay accordant to greed, in a jealous mind it stay accordant to jealous, in a pride mind it stay accordant to pride, in a non-greed mind it stay accordant to non-agreed, in a loving-kindness it stay accordant to loving-kindness, etc.

Chanda is generated according to the greed mind  but when more powerful than greed it leads to curb the greed. If it is according to covesciousness people could not be able to achieve ecstasy. They could not be able to enter the Nibbana.

Translated from the writings of Rev. Rerukane Chandawimala Thero
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