Abhidhamma - Adimokka (Lesson 21)

Abhidhamma - Adimokka (Lesson 21)
One mind at one time on one mind chain. The aims are vary for that mind can take. The amount is also infinity. There will be a definition for the mind born, about which aim to take. Aims cannot take well in order without such a directive. The mind is taking aims. But the factor of that kind of directive is separate from the mind but comes attached with the mind. That is call Adimokka mental factor.

There are lots of forms that one aim can take into the mind. But only one at once. Therefore to a mind which comes with an aim must have a directive describing what is the aim. That is the adimokka mental factor. 

When some where creates a mind of alms and there is a vacillation of do or not do, the action may not do. Action generating mind must have a confidence to finalize it. The directive of the action generating mind is done by the adimokka mental factor.

But you must concern on the real definition of the adimokka mental factor. The directive which describes above is not like choosing one of given two. It is against suspicion. No adimokka in suspicious mind. It is not in panchavinnana. But all other minds have.

Translated from writings of Rev Rerukane Chandavimala Thero
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