Abidhamma : Jawana Chitta (Lesson 10)

Abidhamma : Jawana Chitta (Lesson 10)

Jawana Chitta is fast mind of identifying the objective and doing such actions. When seeing an object to the eye there are several types of minds will generate automatically and very fastly. But you have to concern not the speed of the mind generation. The generation speed of the mind is same for every one. This speed is the energy of the action generates. (I.e. if we try to lift up some weight using our hand, a power/energy/speed need to do it. We need more energy to lift up more weight. Like that in the mind there is an energy called speed to take actions.) Speed of the action is vary due to the type of the mind. Among those minds which have the fastest action speeds are called 'jawana chitta'.

This is how the 'jawana chitta' begins. Like the mirror images objects come to front of it, objects come in front to the eye generate image in the eye. That is called the friction of the eye and image. The image generates in eye also generates in the bawanga continuance. Therefore the character of bawanga chitta subject to change some. That is called the movement of bawanga. That will stops the generation of bawanga and directs the mind continuance to the aim of the eye. 

Creating a new mind to take the aim of the eye and it is called "avarjana chitta" (mind of reflection). After destroying the avarjana chitta the second mind is generating on eye to catch the image touched with the eye. That is called "chakshurvingnana" (consciousness of the eye). This is also called as the sight and seeing. After distroy it generates a mind to take the image as it is. It is called "sampatichchana chitta" (accepting mind). Then another mind generates to inquire that image get to the sampatichchana chitta. It is called "santheekarana" (inquiring). This inquiring result takes to another mind which is called "vyawastapana chitta" (judgement mind). Then the image has fully recognized by the mind. After this a mind will generate to feel that image very much. This will generate 7 times. This has more speed than all of the previous ones and that is called the "jawana chitta".

Not only for the eye. Jawana chitta also generates on sound, odor, taste, touch as with the same procedure. There are some weak jawana chittas also. Those are becoming dead with no power remain to the future. But some jawana chittas are more powerful and they generates again and again in the future. (I.e. think that you went to see a historic statue or monument. But when you returning home you can remember the image of it again and again.)

Refer from Rev. Rerukane Chandawimala Thero

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