Abhidhamma : Varieties of Mental Factors - Ekaggata (Concentration) (Lesson 17)

Abhidhamma : Varieties of Mental Factors - Ekaggata (Concentration) (Lesson 17)
In one object which is seeing to the eye has many more ways to see. When seeing from near and far the view is different. When seeing two sides it views two ways. As such, object aiming for mind  is different.

If mind gets an aim of an object, if there are hundred different ways to aim, it has to get only one aim refusing other ninety nine. Once a mind can gets only one way. If it try more than one, no one can get aimed.

Therefore mind refuse taking all or several and take only one aim. This type of the mind is called "ekaggata" (concentration). That is a mental factor. Every object has different aims. Therefore without the concentration mental factor, a mind cannot create. This is common for every mind. 

This is also called the "samadi" (concentration). The concentration is more powerful in super-mundane mind and more weak in mundane.

Translated by the writings of Rev. Rerukane Chandawimala Thero
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