Abhidhamma : Mind (Lesson 4)

Mind is the sense of absolute and non-absolute types. Mind can be manifest on eye, nose, tongue, body, heart. It is an action. There are lots of words to introduce the mind at that times such as sight, hearing, etc. If eye catches an image a mind will manifest about it. We normally use the word 'sight' except 'sense' for it.

Going of a vehicle is a velocity comes from it. Walking of a person if a velocity comes from the body. Mind is a velocity generates from faculty of thoughts and only generates from the faculty of thoughts not in the objects.

Mind is something like the lightning. Mind has 3 time periods called generating time, standing time and breaking time. Length of these 3 time periods are equal. Whole 3 periods together called mind instance. Mind instance is a very short time. In one mind cycle there is only one mind instance will generate at once. Next mind instance will begin after the first is dead. The length of a mind instance is billions of times shorter than snap ones fingers.

Refer from Rev. Rerukane Chandawimala Thero
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