The precept of "Adinnadana Weramini"

The precept of "Adinnadana Weramini"
People assumes that avoiding from thievery is enough to fulfill this precept. By taking into a such secular meaning we have shorten the vast benefit of the precept. The heresy of just avoiding from thievery we have turn wrong way from Nibbana. See how damage done by it. There is no such a meaning in any other doctrine except Lord Buddha's. Therefore it has to prove that it is true and can enter to Nibbana from this.

This has two parts one part is "Sabba Papassa Akaranan", means never take something not gifted. Other part is "Kusalassa Upasampada", means ever await for gifted things. Do these to the end of the life without break it even once.

Think like this, "I do not take something other than gifted even day or night and take only given. I continue this pure ego manipulation for the rest of my life." But someone cannot take this action at his/her home or ordinary life.

If someone has full of courage he can see the path of Nibbana even only from this precept. If someone become tired from all those sensual pleasures and try to unbound with the ordinary world, he can if he has the courage and effort. "I do not contest or bind with the world that whole creatures consume. I do not go to connect with them. Let the things to come in for me and I am not going to chase. I depend on the things I received. Hope only the given." If someone thinks like above he has no any contest with the rest of the world. But he needs a huge courage and a huge effort to do this. A very difficult thing to do. This is the precept which suits for a heavy courage person. Such a person have ho any contest with others. Therefore any harmful behavior, killing, injure, hurt against others will not done by those. They have no anything to gather by doing such harm. They will not go on any unchastitiy. They will not do any injustice to others. They have nothing to get by cheating others. That's how the "Sabba Paapassa Akaranan" goes.

Extracted and Translated from an Oration of 
Rev. Waharaka Abayarathanalankara Thero

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