The Middle Path and the Tempter's Path

The Middle Path and the Tempter's Path
Lord Buddha emphasized that if someone try to attend to Nibbana he must be act in middle path. In the past a priest consecrate the life to entering to Nibbana, living in a tree shade or jungle only bearing three robes and the chalice. Lord Buddha shows that path as the Middle Path. Anyone can define the middle path as their belief.

There is a freedom in Lord Buddha's dispensation. But if you not follow the correct path Nibbana will so far. In the medial policy (Middle path) of the Lord Buddha, it is mentioned that how the extra facilities ecclesiastically gained from benefactors. But satisfy from what we received is the middle policy.

If you store dry foods for you taste such as pepper, chili and salt this is not the medial policy. But in order to the discipline, there is a freedom for storing such foods, it is no wrong.

But I am saying it again.

Discipline is not for the clever. A clever person will satisfy what they received. The priest who entered to the path to Nibbana is not a collector. He is a relinquisher. He has no future. He lives in the present only.

The above declaration may be a joke in this time and shall be subjected to criticism. Not only at this time, past in the era of Lord Buddha also. But we have to believe that even in this moment there are lot of priests in this world who has entered to this path and searching for the Nibbana. They not publicly say that they are living in forests, wearing shroud robes and depend on alms-gathering. Becauase they use even those for relinquish. Only for survive while reaching to Nibbana. They have to take the foods what their contributor alms-given. If that food not taste, a priest could not prepare tasty food himself or asking good food from the contributor. It would not satisfy the middle path. But it can be done according to the discipline. And I do not criticize if someone doing that.

The person who following the path of Nibbana must avoid laic symbols.
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