The Laity

The Laity
It is very easy to follow the methods and the path of Nirwana if you have practiced the Laity. If you have not practiced laity don't hurry to be an asctic. Village temple is the well spring of the laity.

Though the priests in the temple differ in their behaviour and thoughts, don't take them into your consideration. It is natural toss experience and mismatches due to the impermanence of the world. If is does not happen like that, it is a matter to be stunned. You leave away others misbehaves, and faults. You, you may go to gain your intention. At the temple be the servant slave of all. Be the facilitator to the people who come to worship. Offer those who observe the "Ashtaseela" with food and water. Never look of the others share, work hard to gain your goal. Try to stengthen your internal spiritual power through the kindness you grow in others' minds. 

You don't need to heral the effort you make, cover yourself from the world, show you gratitude, show your humble actual character to the world. You might start to see the impermanance of each and every work you do. Give the priority to others though you initiate anything. Practice renunciation. Make all happy and collect that merit into your account and be strong and strong to reach your spiritual goal. Organize as much as almsgivings, procersions, prayers at the Bo-tree, and all the other Poojas, and be strong spiritually seeing the impermanance of the practical world. Ease other's hunger and remain in hunger by yourself. But do not let the others know about that. Attend for the elderly priest and get their blessings and be strong.

Dedicate for the social service, work for the contentment, and pleasure of others, get that bliss and be spiritually strong. Do not seek for the profit, prestige or the condinality, think of your eternal goal the Nirwana.

Think, though you work for the world really hard, a single mistake would bring you all the blame. Understand that it is natural to have negative comments, ignorances, wickednesses, in the world. We should be stunned if they do not exhist in the world. Try to see the impermanance while helping the others, rendering your service to the others, getting good and bad comments from the others. 

Get all chances from the world to develop your own spiritual development. If you can cross over the burden of "Sansara" (the living cycle), you will be able to practice altruism. Be selfish in the present for altruism in the future.

By doing the above mentioned activities you can be contented and you can do the approbation of the merit to the gods who secure the world and the living beings.
On your ride towards the truth, to win the obstacles, and to be protected you may appease the invisible spirits, get their blessings and be strong.

Try to relinquish what ever you want to waive. Wait till the most suitable trime arrive to relinquish. You should be responsible not to hurry. Question your mind, the rashness of it. Question you mind. Get discussions with your own wisdom above your mind. Practice the caging of your blinking mind through the practice of wisdom. Do the activity smoothing.

You are yet a layman, experience everything which your physical organs like, see the impermanance of them. Yet you have that freedom. Really you may get many problems if you do not experience something and look for the impermenance of it. If there is something which you like most, you may have your hands on it till you quench your need and then you can easily expunge that desire. Experiencing what you like, comprehending it seeing the impermanence, practicing renuociation complete the laity and step into the path of Nirwana being a priest.

In your laic get your mind be a priest be moderate. Check whether you can sets of clothings, only two meals would do your hunger, leave away a picture you like most, live without your relatives, wife or husband your sons and daughters, Check whether you have enough confidance to face any challenge. If your answer is "Yes" you are really adequate to be a priest.

Above experiences matches for those who determined obtain Nirwana. To protect the Dhamma appeal for the stages of 'Divya', 'Brahma' (Spirits which lives in the heaven with supernatural powers). Those who wish to protect the country, nation, the religion need not to follow the above given wearing policy. That is because those priests are living in dolour thinking their noble aim is in dolour because of their unawareness. They protect the doctrine of lord Buddha. So the clever must try to cross over the Sansara (the cycle of birth and death).

If you are able to understand "Nirwana" it would be a great merit for the priest who protect the Buddha Doctrine. Never bother to care, or lookafter a patient. Identify a patient as a messenger of the God, imagine the pain the patient has, the nature of his body and the nature of the illness, understand, you are also the same as the patient. Treat him and get his blessings be strong. Visit the cancer hospital, base hospital like hospitals as you are to visit a patient, atleast thrice a month, wonder among the wards but do not try to share their grief. Identify the cry the patients make as your own cry, be empathetic. Get the pictures of the cancer patients of those who has no hair due to the therapy, those who removed their breasts due to cancer into your mind. Think this would happen to the most beautiful actress or the most handsome actor.

If your mind gets lusty thoughts frequently go to the labour hospital and see the pain the mothers have to bear. Look at them empathically. See the pain of the mothers who are about to deliver babies. That will kill your lusty mind. See each and every smelling, tasty looking food is for nurishment. See in the same supermarket wrapped in colourful wrappers sanitery wear are kept. See the dirt which would flow on them.

See that we all are maintaining a body full of dirt. See what happens if we do not brush our teeth for a day. See the impermanance of everything and make them an event to understand the truth of the life.

Never be fultered to offer your seat for a needy person. Sacrifice your luxury for other's needs. Though othrs moc at you or at your deeds do not consider them. Get each and every chance to be furnished in yourself to see the reality of the life and understand Nirwana.

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