The Discipline

The Discipline
After appearing the "Gautama Buddha's" religious order in India lots of young, middle aged and aged people in various social statuses were joined. At that time there was no rules. But they have the discipline which made by their minds. About 20 years had passed like that. The monks had their own conscientiousness and courage for the conscientiousness. 

But later Lord Buddha has to define rules for prevent the discipline because of some monks who has no good conscientiousness and courage.

Rules were established because of the monks who forget their aim. It helps to replace their conscientiousness. Hoped to see the durability of the religious order. But if you have the courage and directness for Nibbana you no need any rule. Do not establish rules on you keep the discipline of mind, body and the word. You are able to become a follower of the Lord Buddha while keeping the mind on the line of the track of Nibbana through the Middle Path. If you are not sure about the discipline of you it is because you are unsure about your virtue. 

If you are very straight of your discipline it means your adhere to the discipline and it is also a defilement. Pride is common in this situation. The mind of plead guilty and mind of atonement is an adherence. You will lost the way to Nibbana from this. Therefore be strong with virtue and make the composure in you, see everything as impermanent and grow your insight. After that discipline will automatically appear. Never depend on the discipline excepting virtue.
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