See Our Body with Understanding

See Our Body with Understanding
If you just roam over the country you might see many beauty culture centers. But in the past there were only hair cutting places or barber's shops.

If you refer to an electronic media they telecast numerous amount of programs which are to restore your body condition or the beauty of your body.

Actually it is a shame to see all these being inherited to all the illnesses, decays, our body is not re-chargeable. But to overcome the natural call for the decay people use numerous things, they try to color up their hair, unwrinkle their bodies.

They use different eatables to stop decaying their bodies such as yoghurt, eggs, carrots, etc. Some tries to replant hair, or uproot unwanted hair, they use many kind of creams for these.

Actually off all these make ups body seems to be eye caching and breathtaking this reconditioned body. Seems to be a symbol of their weather status. But have you ever thought these people are living with a great scare. They are scared about the loss of their reconditioned body. It can be proved referring to the increasing amount of beauty parlous and the T.V. shows. Without considering the age the whole world has sunk into the misunderstanding of the 'body beauty' eternity.

To overcome torture, sinking into torture is a ridiculous. Never listen to the voice of mis-belief. Never be a slave of your body. Keep in your mind that you are not bounded to your body. It is just for being exist. The nature of the body is dying. That cannot be stopped by any other drug. The only medicine you can take is the way of Dhamma. It teaches you what to follow to get rid of all these illnesses, tortures, when there is no birth, there may be no tortures.

If you wish to mark and end for all these tortures you should look into your life without being blind by the beautiful words of the nescience.

In the real world public has become the patients of this nescience. Actually it is like chasing the birth, illnesses and the death. If you wish to find the Nirwana or the eternal peace for your life you should not listen to the voices of this nescience.

You might have met many merited person who follow the spiritual methods of living. They are living accordingly to the Dhamma. They have gamed inner peace. They always do meditation. They have quit from hatred. They practice kindness. They are very polite behavioral. They practice giving. They meditate on the qualities of Lord Buddha. If you have a glance among thousands of people such person can be seen highlighted. Their faces are not impulsive, they are fait in skin color, steady in walk, straight in talk, their teeth shines, skin shines, they seem not to be going to decay. All these happen because they follow the Dhamma.

Sometimes you might argue with strong examples against this. But, the simple answer is your examples are not real. They may pretending to be according to Dhamma. If a person really lives accordingly to Dhamma, he glitters among the others. 

After living 80 years when your grandmother passed away you embalm her body and place it in a couffin in beautify it with colorful lights keeping in the middle of your visiting room. All your relations come to pay their last honor to her might say still she is beautiful. See! how we like even death!

Trending your skin to stop wrinkling, means covering the reality. Just think a lady who wishes to get married starts dressing at least three months earlier. If she has to come to the church at 10.00 she must be dressed at least three or four hours earlier. What is this actual effort? They cover the reality of the life. Even the bride has to take pills to control her menses. Are there any reality? But, even in this process these brides are instructed to medicate consecutively to keep her mind calm. See while tasting the beauty of the body "Mara" (tempter) teaches meditation on loving each others.

At a wedding party when it is noon bride's makeups may decay due to sweat, then the dresser again recondition her beauty. But when the bride groom sees her at home all her covered reality appears. But never that bride or bride groom thinks about that. They try to live on one another. They try to make all the sadness, a taste to them. They promise each other to exchange all the grievances. But really they have gathered with living grievances. What is this real mein is. All these grievances appear before us because we have given many possessions to mien.

Take your own body into example. Why is this body exist. It exists because of the food and water. Though you are a man, a woman or a priest, you all depend on your body. Our body is formed with the conglomeration of hardness, warmth, liquidity and air. These stems are with the qualities of pour, warmth and airy. Our body is created with those. But these stems cannot be found separately in your body. As an example if you cut a piece of flesh off from your body you'll see some steadiness, liquid is blood, you see some heat and a pressure which allows the blood to flow. Which means that piece of flesh contain all four stems of life. If you take a cup of urine of yours, there you find liquid. There you see some solidity also and some spumes, that is air, that means all four stems are there. Each and every mien is as such. Body is a blend of all these substances.

These four substances exist with change. We see the impermanence of mien through the changes of these four substances. The fastest mechanism is the mechanism of decompose. Though we are technologically sophisticated it is a foolish thing to get even a photograph of the decomposition, as it is the fastest change that ever happens. That cannot be seen from our physical eye. It can be seen through the eye of wisdom.

If a person can see this decomposition, he surely sees the uselessness of this body and an easily understand what he should do. They he will be free from the bond with the mien. If a person can understand the impermanence of the body he will be able to see the reality of life when all the four main stems deviate from one another life ends. This deviation can only be seen from the eye of wisdom. Generally physical organs like ears, nose, can't sense this. 

If we discuss a simple example just hold your palm above a plank over a foot. Erect one finger, with your fullest speed lower your finger till it touches the plank. Do this for several times. You will feel the touch of your finger with the plank but you won't see it. Because of the fast motion you can't see it.

Same nature on our four main stems. Namely in Sanskrit "Patavi" (the solid particles), "Aapo" (liquids), "Thejo" (heat) and "Wayo" (airy space) are also very dynamic. If so did you pay attention to identify who "I" means. To whom your body belongs is it belong to you? No, not really. Actually your body belongs to the nature. How dare you say so, it is because this body is also a part of the nature. As all the other things belonging to the nature are made from the above mentioned four main stems, Patavi, Aapo, Thejo and Wayo.

Even the sun, stars, moon, everything is based on these four. Now you can understand the nature is constructed with the conglomeration of the four main stems. So the real owner of your body is also proved as to be the environment.

When a dead body is cremated you never call that corpse from the owners name. You say "the remains". When you see the smoke out from the crematory you call it smoke, never say the name of the person. If so, why trouble yourself to beautify this someone else's things. Do you ever spend your money to color wash someone else's house?

Because of this body, see, what a lot of sins we do. We even kill others, rob others, lie to others. Being real fools we spend our valuable time to maintain a useless impermanent thing.

See what enormous things we do to gain dignity. Doing all these sins when we fall into the hell, there is no help of that body for us. We should consider all these designations, honors, dignities are over when we actually die. Then we have only the sins and merit. Though you wear worthy jeweleries when you die nothing comes with you. Think of the mummies discovered, had those ancient kings taken their gold with them? If so how can the modern people excavate them? 

Are all the Miss Worlds have their crown for ever. Are all those living yet? Their bodies are also decomposed. Think, miss world's dead body will also be rotten, it will also smell bad. Her urine and faces smell bad. She gets sweat, they are also irritable, there are unpalatable. If so, there is no need to bother about the existence of our body.We should find the correct path to stop all these tortures. That is stopping the birth. To be free from all these tortures follow the noble eight fold path. That is the eternal truth. The Nibbana is the exclusive answer for all the tortures. 

Meditate, follow the Dhamma, live merited, keep away yourself from all sins. Be away from killing, theft, unlawful sexual relationships, all sorts of narcotic drugs and telling lies the path will open for you then.
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