Put the LOVEABLE weight down

Put the LOVEABLE weight down
After free from the responsibilities of their children some parents are growing their merits. They are talking about the Nibbana also. And also keeping hopes of heaven and brshama worlds. They are doing all the things together with a huge intimate relationship. 

The prince "Siduhat" went to exploring the Nibbana by leaving his beloved wife "Yashodhara". Not only the wife the newly born son "Rahula".

Because he knew that he could not find the Nibbana with bonding to the household life. You cannot entering to the Nibbana with bonding you spouse together. You cannot even think about it. You have to relinquish her also. After relinquish your path is clear.

If you are clever, first find the Nibbana first. Or even quit from the four blazes and learn her the doctrine you understood. Help her.

You are able to attend to the Nibbana as much as you are simple and easy. Even she is your spouse it is a weight which slow down your way to Nibbana. Even if she comes during your whole life with you together if you unable to relinquish her on your last moment what can you do? It may be tragedy to your next birth.

Therefore if you are concerning at the Nibbana you must relinquish your spouse also.
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