Meditation - Is meditation causing mental disorders?

Meditation - Is meditation causing mental disorders?
Some are afraid to meditate though they want it. In many prechings of lord Buddha it is mentioned about 18,000. Those prechings are still secured and are in use.

Some believe that a person starts meditation as he is suffering from some sort of problem of his life. If a person have at least a simple idea about Lord Buddha prechings he will never endeavor to carry such and foolish idea with him.

But in the present society this mis-belief has concurred many. The more believe the more static it becomes. There is another believe that meditation causes mental disorders. That is also really a false. Nobody will get mental disorders through meditation.

Any person can get psychotic behaviors if he continues thinking on a wrong thing which would be harmful to him. The beginning of a mental disorder is oblivion, behaving dull, and thinking about something in an extraordinary way. All this happen to a person when he is solitary or desolated.

A person who is about to fall into mental disorders desires to be alone. He refuses the community. As they love to be along they start meditation. It is complete different thing. It is an illness and they should be directed to a doctor or a counsellor. Really such a person will never meditate correctly. He just continue thinking in his own way. But you may see he is in the posture meditation. When the time parses the illness might grow worse. That is not because of meditation. Really he is not manic because of meditation but has become lunatic due to his own weaknesses.

There is another thing. The meditation on colors (The "Kasina" meditation) is not good for anybody. There is no internal control of mind which can be achieved through this meditation. Chiththanupassana - meditating by aiming at the thoughts and design of the mind, Dhammanupassana - meditation by aiming at the norms of Dhamma may be very fruitful efforts to do the proper consideration.

If the person aims at colors, he may find difficulties of developing the meditation because inside them it is empty. There is nothing to discover but the "Chiththanupassana" and "Dhammanupassana" will bring the meditator into his climax through investigating his discoveries while meditating. Even the priest who practiced "Kasina" had experienced such problems. As the priests in monastries which were created in jungles to practice meditation had such problems, the wrong opinion started to spread.

Meditation means the act of giving attention to one thing. Meditation on Breathing develops the consciousness, or the sense, the effort, and the wisdom. Meditation on "Loving-kindness" (Maithree) improves to experience the importance of life, yours and others, all living beings. Meditation on impurity helps to see and understand how our body decays and the uselessness of the physical body. It develops passionlessness.

The knowledge of authenticity can be developed through the transient meditation. Likewise Lord Buddha has clearly shown the path to get into an abstraction of what reality is. To get a developed mind there should be a science which clearly describes the mind. Just think simply, if somebody wants to make a road he should learn the methods (science) to build up that road. The same on constructing a building. He should posess the art. So to have a rich mind, or to develop our mind there should be the knowledge and art to build it.

That knowledge and art can only be found in Buddhism. Man is torturing himself from unrest, lust, hatred or anger and delusion. But they don't know that they are really being tortured. Nobody sees the danger of this. The majority of people have covered their eyes with stupidity. It is unenlightenment. If a person practice correct meditation he can identify his abilities and disabilities and trust on himself. Learn the Dhamma (doctrine) and live accordingly to it. This is the real clear path to acheive enlightenment.

All the guidelines are included very clearly in Dhamma (doctrine).
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