If you stop on her tear drop

If you stop on her tear drop
Alms gathering along the way house by house, helps a priest to enter to the path of Nibbana. Residents are attending to their daily works such as farming. They may rich or poor they have the piety, devotion and willingness of alms giving. One day while a priest on alms gathering, a woman came in front of him with a child following her. She may be a one-child mother. She brings a bottle of sugar which is filled half. She offer two table spoons of sugar to the bowl of the monk. Suddenly she whimpered and said, "Oh venerable sir, father of this child is a drunker and expend every cents to his drinking. Nothing here in house to offer you. Sorry for it."  she entreated. Monk offered her merit and walked away.

Tears of a woman, whimper, suffering of separation, neglection of her husband, begging kindness of a one-child mother, these every thing are the foods of tempter (Mara). The one-child mother entreated in front of you, is the Tempter. If you think "oh dear, she may have no food and because of this she may have no milk to breastfeed her child. I have to give something from my bowl. I will bring something tomorrow for the child..." what will happen.

If you going to commiserate like this, you commiserate for the tempter. In the future tempter will fenced you to a house of child and mother and you will be her slave. But if you clever you may think like this. She who entreating in front of me, had cried infinity of times during her cycle of rebirths as human, divine, 'pretha' or animal. She is looking for the kindness, humanity. You are looking for the Nibbana (extinction). Kindness and humanity means gathering something. Nibbana is relinquishment. You have to relinquish her tear, suffer.  You are able to see like follows. Tear is the characteristic of whimper. Child is the characteristic of mother. 

While relinquishing everything and walk away from the home to enter to the path of Nibbana and not to commiserate people. Not to heal others to heal only you. While going the way of Nibbana you may relinquish kindness, loving-kindness, humanity sometimes. You cannot entering to the Nibbana while distributing kindness and humanity to the world. You still not quit from the death, illness and aging. First of all you have to quit from those. To the people who need more comfort during their cycle of rebirths have to improve those kindness, love and humanity. No any hesitation about that. They must improve qualities and amiable acts as soon as possible. See, how the people afraid to offend with the tempter. They also hope to quieten in the saddle of the tempter. The saddle of the tempter is the cycle of rebirth. You have spent infinity of time in saddle of the tempter quieting, laughing, crying, tearing. 

But today also you bond to the cycle of rebirth which the tempter shows you. You postpone the Nibbana till the Maithree Buddha's Buddhism. You are trying to bond with another thousands of lives with suffer and death. If you shall born in the Maithree Buddha's period you will bond again postpone your Nibbana to the next Buddha's Buddhism which the tempter will show you there. Therefore you have to quit immediately as soon as possible from the saddle of the tempter. The things you must do is not to collect but to relinquish. Relinquish is easier than gathering. But why always people select the gathering? Do you like to be a son of the tempter or sun of the Buddha? The decision is in your hand.

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