Hungry is a Blessing

Hungry is a Blessing
A priest who living in jungle and following the path to Nibbana will face a problem with alms-gathering. In such incidents you must take the hungry as a blessing for your path to Nibbana.

But you must be the only person who knows you are in hungry. Missing two or three meals continuously will let you to get a good understanding. Do not let the people to know you are in hungry. You must be both the witness and the defendant. Because you are trying to overcome the invisible tempter. If you shoot to the correct target the tempter will fail. This time you must be clever than the tempter because in the circle of rebirths the tempter had been more clever than you.

Sometimes you may not experience the splendour of hungry. While you're in hungry, you may only know to find a food. That is a step of our daily routine. The character of all animal being. A priest who finding the Nibbana is a different creature than all the existing creatures. A creature who trying to achieve completely different goal. 

Think you heard from the best soothsayer of the world that you are living another 50 years. But what will happen if you stay several days without food. You will die.

 While keeping this body in hungry you will understand that the body will remain only if supplying foods. The body you maintain with full of haughty mind. You say this body is yours. But this body will die if you do not give foods. You cannot control your body. If it is yours  you may able to control it. You could not control it because the body is not actually yours.

While keeping this body in hungry you will understand the Vayo (air) element activity. When the body is in hungry the vayo element acts fast through the digestive system. When there is not food inside the body the vayo element invade it very fast. See how it acts.

When you are in hungry every moment the tempter will ask you, "Are you goint to die? Take foods otherwise you will die." (This is mostly your thoughts) But do not care about this. Continue without foods. Try to overcome your thoughts. Try to overcome the tempter. Think like this.

"I am a priest who searching Nibbana. This body is not mine. Even die I will not give up my decision." Fight with tempter. Continue studying the transience of the activity of the vayo element. While studying the vayo element continuously fight with tempter. Finally tempter will make a dilemma about you and will take new action such as,

"Do not spend time like this, please take food, otherwise you will not be able to go the path of Nibbana". Tempter is very cunning. He is now trying to enter from different path. Wonder he helps Nibbana. If you are not in conscientiousness you will fail at this time. Because the tempter says "If you die. You will not go to the Nibbana". This is not the compassion about you. Be clever at this time also.

Think continuously as 'this body is not mine', 'this pain is not mine', 'this vayo element is also not mine'. Do not stop there. Go further and think ''the Nibbana which I try to find is also not mine''. Remove the lust of Nibbana. If you are able to think like this and understand what this relinquishment is you may become very close to Nibbana. That is what you do on your path to Nibbana.

Do you understand that how the hungry is blessing you to attend to the Nibbana. 
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