Food Acceptance (Diettary Rejoicing)

Food Acceptance (Diettary Rejoicing)
Concern on dedication of foods to anyone, it returns and gains age, brightness of life, comfort and power to the dedicator in the present life or next life.

Above all helps to gain the wisdom.

But we have to ascertain that we nourish a body that can goes anytime to ill or death. The food you intake also can make you ill or drive to death. Almost hundred percent illnesses come with foods.

If you can assume and see the foods as faces and urine it is the truth. Every food you intake will finally resulting like faces and urine. That is the true nature of foods.

The actual rejoicing should be like the following. "In enormous times during my transmigration I have intake divine diets as gods, royal diets as human, phlegm and snot as impure creatures, grass as animal. I further not greedy for taste and smell of foods." That is the actual rejoicing.

If you like to eat some kind of food and it is your favorite food, think as that food is a rotten or stale and faces and urine. Like this you can easily keep out the lust for food. During food intake stop on your limit. In stomach fill half from foods, portion from water and keep other space free.
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