Abidhamma : Introduction (Lesson 1)

Abidhamma : Introduction (Lesson 1)
The entire doctrine of Lord Buddha can be divided into two parts as Dhamma and Discipline. Discipline is the way of how the Bikkhus act in their life. 

Dhamma has also divided into two parts called "Soothra Pitaka" and "Abhidhamma Pitaka". Abhidhamma is the most difficult thing to understand in the Lord Buddhas doctrine. Abhidhamma is very involuted. Therefore have to study step by step. Absolute meaning is very skillful and hard to understand. 

There are 82 codes in Abhidhamma. Those are mind, 52 mental factors, 28 images and Nibbana. Starter of learning Abhidhamma has to learn these 82 codes. They have to understand those codes well to step to the Abhidhamma.

Refer from Rev. Rerukane Chandawimala Thero
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