Relinquishment - Better to be the Last

The rite is a treasury for the monk who is willing to entering to the Nibbana within this life. The rite is not the igoism such as making proper temple or cottage with gardening and filling furniture and sanitary. If the monk is principled laic people will fullfill these facilities for priests. But if it is not, ought of the priest is to be happy with the received. If the laic people evade oughts, priest must take it as a point to their meditation of entering Nibbana (finding the truth). Think it as the nature of the world and help it also to escape from the world. A priest should use minimum requirements for life. (I.e. robe and the bowl) The road to the Nibbana is also laying on such minimum requirements. But the boundary of the circulating life is more larger. 

There are many rites a priest must do in the temple. I.e. cleaning, helping the poor and ill, worshiping at the image house, serving to visiting and aged priests, etc. This is helpful to the clarity of the temple and the clarity of the mind of the priest. Not only the clarity, this also removes the arrogance of the priest's mind. Anyone who has filled his mind with arrogance could not get result from the meditation. They always think to overcome their teachers and advices of the teachers. They will not like to listen to others. During the way to Nibbana we must be condescending to learn from any person who is high or low, rich or poor, big or small if there is anything to learn. People with arrogance could never do this. Rite is the medicine to all these illnesses. 

While you are cleaning the toilet, never think you are cleaning the toilet. Think that you are cleaning your mind. While you are sweeping the floor, never think you are sweeping the floor. Think that you are sweeping the dirt on your mind. That is the way you have to clean your mind to entering to Nibbana. The act of "Mara" (means the tempter who stop you to attend to Nibbana) is creating your mind to accept appriciations and scoring good marks. Therefore do not let the Mara to score, you have to bend to the path of Nibbana. 

If there is dirty toilet, do not think that 'Oh! there is no one to clean this'. Think it is good to seeing this dirty because I can clean it. Take the opportunity to entering the correct path, clean the toilet yourself. Do not miss those rites. If you miss such an opportunity it helps to fill your mind with dirt (contamination). Contaminated mind is a good place to the Mara to enter. So if you are going on the path of Nibbana, do not let the Mara to enter to your mind.

The pries who entered to the path of Nibbana, must be in top of the condescendency. If someone insult you, never angry with him. Think that is the way of him and be in your status without disputing your mind. Be the last one. Act like you know nothing, even you know lots of things. Be silent, but never be a dumb. Only answer the things you asked by. Walk at the last. You may see all the front and you can learn lots of things by looking at those. Study their goods and bads. But abandon all the goods and bads. Everyone has only a variety of 'Apo', 'Thejo', 'Vayo' and 'Patavi'. Do not let the people know that you know things and you are goint to entering Nibbana. If you say you know, it will grow arrogance inside of you. If someone says "You know nothing", never mind and do not go to prove you know. Forget that saying. It is not your thing, your saying. Do not get other's things to your side. The journey of entering to Nibbana is a journey that you must go alone. Go along the Nibbana path relinquising all the facing things, finally you will relinquish yourself also. The moment you relinquish yourself that is the "Nibbana", that is the end of the cycle.

Rite is paying the travelling expences of your journey to Nibbana. Therefore try to keep out the egoism.

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